B-Movie Entry: Adrian Lazar


That’s great! I can almost here the clicking of the projector. Fantastic work.


Thanks guys!
Sound will be also a big challenge, I would love to have the trailer with voice over and not text just that I’m afraid that my accent will do more damage then good :smiley: I’ll try to make some tests.

JurajMolcak, it’s an individual entry, I’m working alone on this project.


love it dude, classic feel is amazing, you really captured the whole b-movie feel man


Thanks Shane,
I hope to post something new this week. Right now I’m trying to make some explosions look fake :slight_smile:


Pyrotechnics work in progress


Pyrotechnics work in progress


Pyrotechnics work in progress


Your rendering looks like Melies movies rendering, especially the moongun sequence. Nice concept !



but i think ure kinda killing the mood with that speculated feature.
great plot,great modeling but the grainy specs in my opinion kills it,…
this could be an iron first in this challenge man,.


What grainy specs? Are you talking about the grain/noise applied over the image? If so how does it kill the mood? It’s a clear characteristic of an old (~1930-1950) B-Movie.


You are doing such a great job at creating the B movie look and feel. I really dig this one.


Software: XSI

Exploding UFO.

In the trailer this shot will be cut so we won’t see the beginning (where the fire starts).

I’m trying to go for the old explosions: little to no fire, lots of sparks and puffy white smoke.

Fire done with emFluid3

Explosion done with XSI ICE

Play Video >>


This is looking absolutely stunning!

You’ve nailed the style and feel. PROPER B Movie :smiley:

Feels like the 1930s.


Love the shadow on the scrolling background. Awesome work :slight_smile:


I’m really impressed with the look and design here. It’s ticking all the right boxes. Probably the most impressive entry at the moment, keep it up :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
Thanks a lot for your support and good luck to you too for this challenge!


I love it! The feel and “cheesy” effects are really well executed. You captured the the essence of a B movie so well. I can’t wait for more updates


i love it so far, the design and the execution are very B indeed!
keep it coming.


Hi guys!
Right now I’m working at the money shot with the giant robot and will take some time (around a week) until I’ll have something to show.
Thanks for the support and good luck to you too!


Fantastic stuff here! You’re really nailing the look and feel of the period. The “speed” that the saucer is flying at is perfect. Keep up the great work.