B-Movie Entry: Adrian Lazar


Nice one !
I love the old look !
great job everywhere !
I wish you the best !


oh my god :eek:
Pretty cool job. I love the style and the animation.
Great job !!!


Thanks a lot guys, I’m glad you like it and best of luck to you too!


well done! this is top class stuff and i really enjoyed following your progress.
best of luck!


A mannn this is a really awsome work.:beer:


Thanks and good luck to you too guys!
Vimmy, as I said before your’s is my favorite entry, amazing skills man, imagine that animated :smiley:


Hey Adi,
Haven’t heard from you in a long time. Congratulations on the Challenge entry, it looks really great! Best wishes and plenty of luck with the contest mate!


Hello mate,
Thanks for the kind words and yeah, here you can see the reason why you didn’t heard from me lately :slight_smile:


Adrian your work really is amazing…I believe for a moment that i watch really a trailer of a
B-Movie film.Congratulations man…Excellent work…


Thanks drako, I’m glad you like it!
And here is a Vimeo mirror for those who have problems viewing the video here (I have with many entries)


Good idea as the video functions here are not too good.

However…the vid you posted on Vimeo is private :frowning:


Sorry, it’s fixed now :slight_smile:


hilarious piece, i love your work.
but this, I disagree with

For me B-Movie equals low budget + cheesy idea + bad execution

Pulp Fiction was a B movie, as was grind house. I think you are confusing 1950’s era high end effects with “B movie”. They did the best effects they could. Even Star wars Episode III has not aged well in its obvious compositing errors. In another 10 years it will look as bad as any 50’s era movie does to todays viewer. B movie is strictly not A list budget or talent. Many are not executed well, some are. Again I refer to Pulp fiction as a B movie that made good (none of them were A list at the time it was made.)


Just take a look at the inspiration section of the contest: http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/inspiration.php

Plus as I said before my biggest inspiration was Plan B from outer space and that’s definatly considered a B-movie.
But anyway I’m glad you like it and I respect your opinion about what a b-movie is just that I don’t agree with it.


Hey all, this is the message im getting when trying to view the entries on the gallery style page: http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/entries.php

Not Found
The requested document was not found on this server.

Web Server at cgnetworks.com

anyone else getting this?


Same here.

The whole setup at CGTalk seems shady to say the least.



Sorry to hear that. I didn’t had problems that severe but it happens often that the playback stops because the movie doesn’t load completly.


Even if there was a download option that worked it would be great (CG’s FLV download is equally dodgy).

Anyway…when I got to see your entry it was awesome and one of the few here who have understood the brief…‘B Movie’ :thumbsup:

I love it and it would get my vote. :bounce: < < sorry…had to use that smilie :smiley:

What happens now…do we all just sit and wait? There’s been no official ‘closed’ thread or anything like :curious:


My entry was pretty much B-Movie stylie I hope, check it out.

It would be nice if all the people entered got an official email saying when the competition entries will be drawn, it was about 10 days after i found out that the CG Secret Agent competition had been drawn. C’mon CG talk, whats happening with the entry page??

sknne :wip:


Big fan of this entry, really great art direction and I was sure early on it was going to be one of the winners. Hope to see more of your work in the future!