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Latest Update: Finished Video: The Other Side Of The Moon


Great challenge we have here! Best of luck to all of you!

I’ll go for the classic B-Movie look, low budged - low special effects, a lot of miniatures used, wires, and all kinds of non-cg effects. So for me the challenge will be to make the 3d stuff look real and bad. Also I’ll try and simulate the errors that usually occurs like wrong scale (especially visible on miniatures that are destroyed by fire, water…), visible wires or on-set equipment being visible in the final shot.

Here is a test for overall look.


Welcome in the challenge!Wish you all the best! Bafta Adrian !


Software: XSI

MoonGun and Title sequence.

Work in Progress, new animation with better timing for the UFO’s is rendering as we speak :slight_smile:
Also, the scene will be greatly reduced at the final editing stage due to the very limited and restrictive 30 seconds length of the trailer. Plus the footage jumps too much and it’s annoying.

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Thanks Adrian, bafta si tie !!!


Colour treatment tests

Testing different colour treatment, usually I tweak the final look from the beginning until the end of the project. This are some very early tests.


WIP with an other shot from the trailer.

The animation will be ready to post tomorrow.


wip shot


wip shot


wip shot


Cool. That looks really good for the moment. Wanna see it move :wink:


Software: XSI

Thanks Vincent, glad you like it.
Here is what I’ve animated (and rendered) so far.

  • shot 2 (the one with the title) has been redone and it’s rendering right now (I’ve tweaked a little the shaders and the lighting and also the gun from the moon)

  • the last shot is not complete, after the UFO fires at the tower a “lame” explosion will produce and the tower will collapse (in a lame way also :slight_smile: )

  • the editing is not final, i’m trying to keep it just 30 seconds long

I’m almost at half of the way, next giant robot, the invaders base on the moon and some other stuff.
I’m having so much fun working at this project and I hope that everyone else feels the same.

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Hey Adrian,

This looks excellent. You’ve nailed the low budget look. Keep going - can’t wait to see this finished…


oh yeah :slight_smile:

Models, animation and PS are so B like real old movie!


Comes along NICELY! Bravo omule,arata B-ine!:applause:


Yeah…thats looking good! Keep it up!


i really dig the style your doing, i think you’ll pull it off extremely well :beer: good luck!


Thanks a lot guys, I’m glad you like it and best of luck to you too, what a fun challenge this is!
For me the hard part is just starting, I need to do some VFX, mostly fire and smoke (burning city, burning ufo, some explosions) but the tricky part is to make them look real (I’m trying to avoid using real footage for the effects) but also at the wrong scale as you often see in movies where they used miniature props.

I have this as a reference for the B-movie look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-kCC8WUKYk
Notice the very lame explosions in the shot where the UFOs are under attack…


looks great. :bowdown: I cant wait to see entire movie.


wow, dude! You know what really sucks? I am trying to cut CG elements to minimum count in my entry but you nailed the look of retro B-grade better than me with real miniature. Looks like you know your job well. Good luck!

btw, is this individual entry or are there more folks behind?