B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


although there are perhaps some various technical ways that this work can be improved, I must say that there is something kind of…“charming” about the style you have created for this. I can also see what you mean about how you are focusing on the “atmosphere” of the movie. even though some of the individual components could be polished more, the overall effect is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, which I think is the kind of approach one has to take when doing a project like this with tight deadlines and other limitations. so I think you have succeeded in keeping the “big picture” in mind while working through this enterprise. best of luck finishing on time!


Thanks alot! Now its working on sound and voice,and in a few days will be the final trailer online:)


Atmosphere is great, beautiful color scheme on the backgrounds. Only one little suggestion would be more little bugs to get a bigger swarm feel. Looking forward to final edit.:thumbsup:


Thanks! I will put more bugs on final editing.Best to you!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop


this is our final Trailer.Hope you liked!

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Congrats on finishing. As usual unique style in here
Good luck!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

here it is the making of.
Best to all!

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Thanks! I a few hours We will put the final video.Best to you!:slight_smile:


Good stuff Adrian, looks good dude, good luck! :buttrock:


Thanks! Coming up next our final entry!:slight_smile:


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Hi guys,

this is my final entry.Bugs invasion is a classic,so I decide to do one movie,following the B-classic style,with my friend Costin who help me alot.So thanks to everyone for the feedback,and for your suport!

Good luck to everyone in the challenge!
Best to you all!

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Very refreshing to see something a bit different from you Adrian. The absence of 2D cartoon characters is nearly shocking here :slight_smile: Keep up the passion for your work! Good entry, Good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks man! Iff this time we didn t choose 2D,we keep the feel of classical and atmospherical one!:slight_smile:


Seen it! Once again congrats.
This challenges without your entries would feel like something’s missing. Glad you made it


Thanks man! Good luck to you!:buttrock:


So the challenge is almost over,Very well done to everyone!Alot to learn,with every challenge we see new things and with feedback we improve our work.Is my 5 challenge,and I can say with every short,my portofolio biger will be,at the end most of us have our movies.

Best to you all!


I like your color scheme, composition and flying bugs.Very nice poetry.
Good luck all !


Thanks man!Atmosphere is what we want in all our shorts.
Best to you!


Wonderful composition and atmosphere. Great entry.
All the best !


Thanks for your kind words!