B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


Thanks !Yeah,I will change that in the final shot.

To see it separate looks different,but in composition with all elements will be other thing.
THANKS for the advise! I will tried to integrate all elements,to look at the same story.



nice story and also nice mood setting through light.

keep it up.


Start the interior modeling for the intro.


WIP of interior.


The part we see from interior.


Village atmosphere concept.Hope you liked!


This is the third main character.More will come.


Main character 03 textured.


First 3 main characters finished.I have one more to do for main,and 6,7 secondary characters.


The 4 main character finished.


The main characters.


The main characters ready for setup.


The monster bug…


hm, your characters models looks different than concepts

i like atmosphere in the village


Software: After Effects,Maya

an animation test,just to see how it looks.

Play Video >>


Well it looks great :slight_smile:

Just synchronize it a little bit more. It looks a little bit like he is floating on the floor. Also I noticed a black silhouette, maybe you just need to set the alpha to be multiplied.

But if this is just a test then you dont have to bother.

The monster in the village look very cool. Congrats.

Good luck with the animation.


Hi, it looks good but I have to agree with flashgordy, something happened with the 3d version of the characters, they lost the charisma from the concept art or something is wrong, maybe you can work a little more at their faces because now are quite unappealing. I’m not sure what it is but I think that small tweaks around the nose/mouth could solve the problem. They are really close but the small difference that exists between the concept art and the 3d version gives the characters a bad look.I hope I didn’t sound too harsh. Good luck!


Tell ya what dude, your village looks mint! liking the lighting style on it. :thumbsup:


Thanks guys for the feedback! The characters looks abit different because of the eyes.But anyway I make the changes regarding also the environment,so now its a same style like the backgrounds.
About animation is just an test,final one will be more clean and nice:thumbsup:

Thanks again for your support!
Best to you!


Adrian all looks great, man!, the characters, the sketches and the monster are very original, in postproduction i imagine something a little dirty, maybe something like the aesthetics proposed in the graphic (halftones effect), but all work is very promising.

Good luck!