B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


Some BG,testing light and atmosphere.


Will start soon the setup for the characters.


Thanks! We have alot to work,but will tried to do our best!:beer:


Another composition test.


I’m loving the monster bug, can’t wait to see more of its animation. I really like how it is all being presented as well. Keep up the good work.



Thanks man! Best to you!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Here is an test,for composition atmosphere.

Play Video >>


Really nice color palette Adrian. Will you be making the colors more menacing when the bugs come to town. I think darker blues would look better then. :slight_smile:


Thanks! That s for shore,the atmosphere will be regarding the story and the action of the shots!:thumbsup:


I like your models and the last atmosphere is nice. What is your render time for one render? Couse it looks very heavy.

I also have one shot, maybe couple of them with the grass, and its killin’my quad core. I used fur but still its taking too long.

I would really wanna know how to optimize it.

Tnx in advance.


Hi,and thanks for comment! About the render,I don t think is the fur who make your render slower.I also use fur for grass,cose I tried with paint fx from maya and take me about 12-13 minutes per frame,but with fur take me only 3 minutes maximum,at PAL TV resolution 720/576.And the scene have only 14 400 polygons.I have a dual core 3 G and 2 G of memory,so I must always optimize the scenes.

A few solution:
Check how much poly you have.
Try to use the scenes with grass,for a good ungle but without using camera movement(so you need to render just one frame of the grass and compose with other layers.)
And also the texture should not be to big,try to use compressed files like jpg or png for alpha.
What make the render take so long? First the textures,second the polys followed by the fur,fx and others.

Hope that helps!:thumbsup:


Looks nice man but it has that… in-game look, I think it’s because of the lighting, it’s flat and uniform. You should try to have some darker areas, soft shadows and some ambient occlusion. And if you can’t afford GI (because of the render times) maybe you can spend some time making a better light rig for the environment so that it mimics the GI a little better.


Thanks Adrian! Yes you right,but I don t want a GI look,is a cartoon style,so I want to be more atmospheric look.But yes will be more shadows in the scenes,and a different contrast for a better look.
Best to you!


This are 3 kind of atmosphere I will use in the movie.


Very nice colors, I like your style and it’s looking better and better, keep it up !


Thanks man! We tried to do our best!Good luck to you to !:beer:


This is an radio antenna.


Radio model for interior camera.


Hi man, the radio is looking great, just that the fabric seems to have some specular that doesn’t look that good.
Keep up the good work!


Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see a resemblance between style of environment and interior designs of yours. If you look at the houses, they are sort of huts from lord of the rings and radio, antena are something from 1940-50s. And characters remind me of a movie the Village. You might end up with a sortof Tween peaks salat :slight_smile:
Hope that my perspective was of any help to your work.