B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


Looks great man, are you close to finish the modeling stage or the entire character?


Thanks! Just finish the first one.I will start all the others,and after I will do the texture for all.Now it s important to finish the characters to give to Costin for setup.


wow ! wait a minute !?
More 3D than ever in your entry ! Great to see more polys !


Thanks man! Yeah will be full 3D!:beer:


wow man, really loving the style of this. great progress so far.
the concept art is really nice.


Thanks man! Good luck to you!:buttrock:


This is one of the houses from the village,made by COSTIN.


First one finished.


First House textured.More will come.


The second…


Bridge model made by COSTIN.


What’s up with the characters UVs? :slight_smile:


size relation…


I will do some ajustments but later.Its only the sweater.Thanks!


Make a small UV adjustments.


In a few days will have all the props for BG.


Props models.


Hi, this is an grass test,initial I tried to make it with brushes,but after I use fur.The time for render with brushes 10 minutes and with fur 1.5 minute.


impressive! im really excited to see this thing turn out! Good luck!


This is the second house made by COSTIN.