B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


now its time for props modeling,the houses and the bridge,and Costin will do the models.


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Hi,this is an test of the monster bug growing from the ground.

Play Video >>


Yeapeeh Adrian !
Nice work here already !
It seems that you put more 3D than ever in your entry !
Did I dream or you are not alone on this ?


Thanks! Yeah like in Steampunk I work in team with Costin.
Best to you!


Here it is some progress of monster bug.


Dude! You have killer presentation skills.
Can’t wait to see the final product.


Thanks man for the words!
Yeah we tried to make the work in progress to be clear for all the guys who give replies.
In the end we want to make a trailer like 50’ old B-Movies,and ofcorse if we have enogh time will finish also the short.


Here are the storyboard…


next page


and the last page


Change a bit the title,and do some test for the graphic style.


whose on ure team
and on wat project


Hi, we are a small team but strong:cool:. Here it is Costin Barbulescu
Adrian Baluta
You can see also on the entries http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/view_entries.php?challenger=19131

So Adrian Baluta makes: concept,storyboard,modeling,animation,VFX,compositing,texturing,render.
Costin Barbulescu makes: modeling,setup(rig) and music,sound design and the voice:).
Small team but STRONG ONE:beer:

Best to you!


Great progress. I love the new poster!
keep it up!


Start,modeling on characters,in the mindtime Costin make the house models and the bridge for the environment.Best to you guys!


Thanks man!


I hope to finish in a few days the first character,UV texture blendshapes,preparing for Costin to make the rig.


Hey guys, nice to see you here!
I really like your style and you keep doing a great job as you did on the other challenge entries.

Good luck to you!


Thanks man! Best to you to!:slight_smile:


Close to finish the first one.