B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


Start Working on Bug Model…


Good start on the bug head. It’s going to be one menacing critter.


Thanks guys! I hope till tomorow to show you the bug textured.


Finish the bug model.Hope you liked!


Wow, that’s fast…you’ve got the mosquito bug modeled out!


i really love your concepts and the story! this is gonna be an awesome entry ! thumps up!


Hey there again! Looking good already :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! We tried to do the best B-MOVIE looking,we hope:wip:


Here is the story:


The Attack of The Flying Bugs

Bugs coming on the screen,one remins still and we present THE BUG PROBLEM

People,runing,scarry we present SCARRY PEOPLE

The big creature we present THE MONSTER BUG

And the surprise factor we present THE WEATHER


Small village,on the south of the country very peacefull and calm atmosphere,with ordinary people.One day the Flying bugs comes from nowhere in a large number,thousens of them and we see that on a TV screen on the news.For the people was no surprise,because also in other years small bugs comes in big numbers on they village.But this time the bugs are different,larger and strange behavior.The size of an Bug is proportional with the human hand.

We see the village and people work around.Just an ordinary day from they life.

On the sky,we see wave of Flying bugs coming to the village.And those bugs goes to a small isolated house.The bugs clambing on the small house,covering almost 80% of the house surface.

They start to make a strange noise and from the tale of each other came a strange solid fluid,who start to cover the house and going down to the house ground.After that from the bottom of the house comes growing a big shape of mud and that strange green fluid ,who start to push the house up and the house goes crack in two pieces and still stay on the back of that giant thing.

The shape comes to look like a giant bug with the body of mud and green fluids.All the Flying bugs stays in the air close with that giant monster bug.

After his transformations the giant bug start moving to the other houses from the village.
People see that creature and get s panic.
They run away from the creature and the general atmosphere gets scarry.

The Factor:

The creature moves till get to a small river,who cross the village.And tried toget to the other side of the river where are the scary people and they houses.
But surprise! Can t get through because is made from mud and strange fluids.And when he touch the water with a small part of him, that part transforms into bugs and fly away.In the mean time a part of the creature split an the other side and start moving to the houses.

Raining day:

The clouds goes dark and gray,and the rain is coming.And all the water disolve the big creature in thosens of flying bugs who goes away to nowhere.
The people has finaly seatle down,and all the things goes to normal.

Is not the end:

Remember the small part of the monster who manage to get on the other side.Is still there:argh:
We see in the end the part who left from the monster hiding it in the back of one house.


Hope you liked! Please comments on my story.


welcome back! Good luck and have fun of course!


Thanks man! Best to you!:beer:


Right now we work on the characters and I will texture the flying bug.In a few days I will show you some animation.Best to you!


This is shaping up really nicely, great concept sketches, especially the monster rising out of the mud, good luck with the contest.


thanks man!:slight_smile:


Here it is the bug!


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

This is just an test of how will look the bug in motion.

Play Video >>


Software: After Effects,Maya,Photoshop

Also an test for the main title intro.Presentation of the characters,hope you liked!

Play Video >>


Great stuff adib. It’s coming along really nicely. Love the halftone effect - will you be using that more in the final piece?

Keep it up!


Wow Adrian, I like the bug and the video tests look great!


Thanks! I will use the effect only on generic main title.Presentation of the characters.
Best to you!

Thanks man! We have alot to work!