B-Movie Entry: Adrian Baluta


Adrian Baluta is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Attack of the Flying Bugs-Final Video


Another great challenge we have here.Best of luck to everyone and Let’s start the game again!


And again we have a small team

Costin Barbulescu (CostiB)
Adrian Baluta (adib)

Best to you guys!:beer:


Good luck adib - I always follow your threads and look forward to seeing what you come up with this time!


You are in…
I was sure to see you around !
Have fun Adrian !


Thanks guys! Best to you!


That is the first ideea.Will be alot of work,but also alot of fun!
All comments and critics are welcome.


HI Adrian!
Nice to see you around as ususal!
Provide us with quality work as usual good luck!


Hi this is the concept of the Bugs!!!
Hope you liked!


Bug attack! This is going to be one cool entry…I live in Thailand and I know swatting these down’s one tough job. Good luck with your entry!


Thanks guys!Allways is fun,and also to share with you my WIP.:beer:


Now I start working on characters and other concept,to setup for modeling.


Here it is the monster bug created from a million little flying bugs.


A small sketch of the environment.


love your sketches dude! great work, can’t wait to see the end product… good luck!!


Love your sketches… really give the mood of the topic… Would love to see when the bug turned to the panel #5 in your sketch!


Thanks guys! Me and Costin we have alot to work,modeling,texture,rigg,animation,compositing,mattepainting and special effects.We will tried to get the classic way of the B-Movie.

We glead you guys like our progress.

Best to you all!


Preparing the size comp. for modeling.


the latest sketch looks grand especially with size comp with normal people.


Hey guys. Dig the concept art so far. Really campy lookin! Ill be sure to check back soon.

Keep it B!!! :smiley: