Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept


Wow! This came out amazing! Congrats David, I know you poured yourself into this project for a long while.

I’m really excited to have been a part of it!

I was an Animator on this short. I worked on the Scorpion climbing off the building, Getting rattled with bullets (Close up) and finally getting belted with Bullets/Backing up Covering/Re emerging.

Fanstastic to see it in all of its glory.

Great job to the entire team.


definitely this one has great potential for the big screen!


Great job to everybody involved! Turned out absolutely fantastic.

Thanks to Dave for giving me the opportunity to animate a handful of the shots. Couldn’t have asked to work on a cooler project.


Awesome work guys! I’m super impressed. Hope it pays off for all of you, especially David. Great work man.



Amazing Dave!! Im constantely in WOW everytime I see it. Congrats on winning the festival too!!! Wish I had the chance to work on it like Justin, Dan, Ken and Justin. See you at work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! Nice!
Although I feel it can improve here and there, it was an incredible thrill ride.
Can’t wait to see more.


very well done! really liked the camera work and the lighting of the cityscapes


So nice! The style of environment is great, animation, modeling, and everything else. Only thing is I found myself saying “I knew this was gonna happen”, since the action seemed a little cliche. Anyway congrats on finishing such a short, I enjoyed it.


Awesome work Dave!! I know it will pay off big time for you guys…I’ve a feeling it will be THE big project many of us in the industry will be working on in the near future once the movie gets rolling! :slight_smile:


Very well put together. The animation and lighting is top notch! The sound design isn’t over the top and really adds a lot. Great proof of concept!


I second that. Technical side of it is brilliant. All aspects are really great and I loved the animation. The story on the other hand is not that interesting. As ivanisavich pointed out, you really quickly get the feeling that he is above all and I quickly lost interest in the story. He has 2 guns that are above everything and 1 sword that cuts through anything. Everything else against him is mediocre etc. so we know that he will win no matter what.

Other than that it looks awesome. Looking forward to see more and hope that there will be more.


The best part about this short is the speed at which the character moves. So many people try to bring reality to the movement but this character makes every movement exactly and precisely. I think the money shot is when the characters foot slides towards the camera and then flips on a heel to duck behind the vehicle. Excellent work to all who were a part of this.


I was the FX Animation Lead for the film so I got to work on quite a few shots, but I never saw the film as a whole. Now seeing it all put together with sound, I am incredibly happy with the way it turned out. Great job to everyone who worked on it and congratulations to David for putting it all together.


Congrats guys!

I did a great deal of the texturing and shader work, and can vouch that some things did indeed have time constraints. -especially when you have to balance it with a full time job during the day.

eg: The final battle sequence environment shots had only a week for modelling and texturing the buildings and street.

I am also seeing it for the first time in what amounted to about 2 years of work, so very pleased to see it finished.


I loved this.
Great work to all who worked on this.
The style is great!


I have to agree with comments praising the the stunning design and technical elements but critical of some of the other aspects of the short.

The shot where the enemy robots stand in a prolonged stare while the central character plays about with a little ping pong bomb behind it’s back seems highly unrealistic within the scheme of this universe and as such it is very irritating. Same again when the heavily armored scorpion mech takes forever to fire while the hero hides behind a little car. There comes a point when suspense and interest become lost with the perception that the hero has no frailties, it reached the point where I dearly wanted the scorpion to blow his head clean off in the final shot.

Having said that, the characters and city environment designs do look terrific.


Was really great to work on it with you David and Hope it gets turned into a film!

Finally can show the scorpion to people haha Yess!! :D


The burning scorpion looked amazing, the change of focus on wide shots were amazing, the direction and animation and modeling were all amazing.

Yes there were some cliched parts but the little things like slicing off the leg so the scorpion fell were pretty dam good :smiley:

Not struck on the blue lifeless hair but it’s a personal thing.

10 out of 10 for sure.


Amazing work!

The shot and animation of him rolling the flash bomb thing in his fingers is awesome!

One suggestion for any future work on this, which I think is fairly important, is that I want to see his face! I never feel a connection with the character, and this could help put him in peril (like a previous comment). Maybe it’s for mystery at this point or just time constraints, but being able to see his face and his eyes would connect us so much more to him and let us care about his situation (even if it is just being bad a** and blowing up some giant robots)

But as a technical / style proof of concept, well done!


Fantastic work!
The animation was very nice and the camera work really portrayed the movement well.