Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept


Hey guys, Azureus Rising is now out and it’s awesome! I created some of the FX work for this and I’m super excited.

Azureus Rising is the proof-of-concept for an all new feature film trilogy. Azureus is the story of a young man who after escaping death and enduring a life changing journey - matures into a heroic freedom fighter. Azureus Rising is an epic tale of self discovery, obligation and love against all odds.

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Thanks for posting this Chris!

I’m really excited to finally get the chance to share this. This was an independent film from David Weinstein, and I’m proud to say I worked on it. I was the CG Supervisor for the project - my duties included lighting, look development, compositing and some FXs work.

I recommend watching it in 720 HD - full screen - with the volume turned up! I hope you all enjoy it. Please share it with your friends! Here are some screen grabs below - for more of them visit the website here: Thanks!

  • Adam Coggin

–Lead Lighter - Sony Computer Entertainment


Great work!

I was an animator on this project and had a great time working with everyone involved. As Adam mentioned the film is best viewed in 720 HD. I hope you all enjoy it.

  • Justin Falgout

Cinematic Animator - Sony Computer Entertainment


Simply fantastic i have no words. More then an amazing job.

How many were you working on this short film?
And did you do this for a contest or anything else?
Thanks and again outstanding job.


Everything looks fantastic and super polished! I really like the main character design, and the robots he was fighting looked great too. City was amazing, animation was phenomenal.

My only concern is the complete lack of suspense due to the fact that the hero appears to be invincible. It’s great watching him hop around and dodge bullets, but when he’s totally untouchable to hordes of enemies the film becomes boring. I realize this is just a proof of concept though, probably to flesh out the technical aspects of the project more than anything…so the “story” isn’t really critical here.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops :slight_smile:

Oh, and one question: what was the total development/production time for this short, and how many people were working on it?


Yes the story is pretty easy and straight forward, really kind of seen a thousand times…
But the animation and all other technical aspects are totaly awesome. movements of the hero together with camera is really smooth and not so hyper fast as in transformers for example.
So very good direction here, and very talented 3d artists. Nice work


:applause: WOW! Very good! The flow of time and the whole concept is top notch! Great work!


that is one sexy video! sexy blue dragonball hair! i love it. :thumbsup:


I’m personally not a huge fan of the particular style you’ve used, but the film is nevertheless really well executed. I do think you could have had some calmer camera moves here and there, but I guess you were using the crazy camera moves to relay the idea of energy and action, so it works in that context. Well done to everyone involved.



HaHa, I was sitting on my hands to post this first, fantastic job guys.


super awesome work :thumbsup:
but i might advice to add some particle effect, blurring/focus, color toning, some post effect details would be very helpful.

but again, super awesome :slight_smile:


Very well done. I’m amazed by the quality of it!
And I’m surprised this wasn’t done in Japan but in US!


Wow, that dude is one badass. I love it! Excellent work :thumbsup:


GReat conceptual short!!


Great! Just they type of action I love :slight_smile:

I really dig the style and the general movement/velocity, never the less I was distracted by some… well… ‘poor’ animation choices, which I don’t understand because the animation in general was quite superb. The issues I had for example would be in the shot where the protagonist is first surrounded by infantry enemies. You hear them coming, but you don’t see them (they’re simply ‘there’ in the next shot). this maybe was due to time constraints. But the fact that they don’t react at all when he pops the funny little marble is strange. They’re absolutely rigid (instead of backing away cauteously). The protagonist also doesn’t really seem to breath. You only hear it, but you don’t see it alot.

Still, I’m really looking forward to the full feature movie of this one!


Very impressive Mate!
very Much My style ( Mechs,Cool Armor etc.)
Congrats to all:buttrock:


That was SICK. One of the best action shorts I have seen.



Uou… greatJob … Animation really good!


What a way to start a morning!

Although I did feel some things felt a bit cliche Matrix-y it wasn’t enough to hinder my experience. Maybe slow motion will never feel the same because of the Matrix…

Regardless, loved the short! My favorite moments were when the main character landed on the ground and was in a brief moment of confusion… that was nice to see contrasted against the “perfection” of the hero. I also loved the reveal of the “scorpion tank”. Very amazing!


Yes technically is awesome, but I need to know why the character is there. The city in ground floor is so empty and the lighting is a little flat sometimes.

Really good jobn by the way, you should be proud!