Azureus Rising - Concept Art, Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe (2D)


Title: Azureus Rising - Concept Art
Name: Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

I was art director/production designer on Black Sun Entertainment’s Azureus Rising, a proof of concept shortfilm.

Here is some concept art that I created for the film. This is the night city vista.

Check out the shortfilm and background info on:


More concept art:


Very interesting to see some concept art on the video.

Everything is very well rendered and evocative.

Colors and composition are both good imo.

Only comment is that Scorpion Tanks are too much of a clichè to work well.


Very good work!


Nice work very smooth! I disagree with Rahl that the scorpion tanks are “too cliche” but I think that the tail somehow makes them less menacing and more comical. I think the design would work better it it was a little more like a tank with a “main turret” replacing the tail and carrying a larger main weapon and would have the added benefit of lowering the height and frontal profile, thus making them a smaller target.

Still, nice work all round, very professional, keep it up.

Edit: Just watched the video and it was great, actually the scorpion designed as is worked very well in that specific context and huge scale, the only thing that slightly irked me stylistically was the hero characters blue “anime hair”. On the whole a really well designed and professional piece of work though, kudos to everyone involved.


Very nice and well presented concepts,
I wish all the team the best on getting it made in to a full-length feature.
After I watched the exhilarating action packed trailer I was struck by not only the slick animation but the beauty and detail of the city environment and the great cinematic camera effects. (>,<)

Sure the tank is clichè but what’s not clichè these days. :slight_smile: It reminds me of something from final fantasy, but that’s not a bad thing.
is there any concept work for the main guy? and the grunts I like to see that also.

I’ll stay tuned to see what becomes of the project.

again great work and sweet style.

best of luck guys,


Great work! I´ve seen Azureus Risingand and am really impressed, oustanding good work guys!

greetz to Bie…Bie…Bielefeld …da hab ich noch ein Bier bestellt (german songtext/Abstürzende Brieftauben)


Maview: Haha, danke! :slight_smile:

Olga: hey, thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed this so much! I am not sure if any of the character concept art has been posted anywhere on the net, I wasn’t responsible for that… James Zhang was!

olbertus: many thanks! Yeah, the scorpion tank is a little cliche but it’s hard to come up with something entirely original these days. Everything has been done before in one or another form… :slight_smile:

skachkov: thank you!

Rahl: thanks, agreed!


your concept art for this is awesome and translated really well, congratulations :slight_smile:


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