Ayes & Ayes Breakdowns


Here is my work which I did in Novemeber, last year.
I am a student, the whole Idea, RnD and execution is mine, please give me some valuable feedback over this.

Ayes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPEOpwjsMME

[I]No more different than other potato chips, but honest!

Presenting all new AYES, having 2 selected chips and lots of freshened air inside.
In an Introductory offer you may get 1 extra chip for free!

[I]- Used 3ds max for modeling,lighting, particle splash (PFLOW with blobmesh) and mental ray for rendering

  • Used Photoshop for texturing and designing the chips package.
  • Used After Effects for composting around 10000 frames including passes as BEAUTY, Z DEPTH, DIFFUSE, MATTES, ALPHA and OBJECT ID.
  • Used Sound Booth for manipulating the voice over (done by me)
  • Used Real flow for vegetable hits in air and also for the titling splash
  • Used Ray Fire for falling of vegetables and chips in second last scene.
  • Used Cinema 4D for main logo animation and right bottom corner animated texts.[/I]


Ayes Breakdowns - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVLldY7xSLI


Okay, it’s great that you were able to complete a project like this.

The thing that stood out the most to me was the the physics simulation Owen everything came crashing down didn’t seem quite right, especially on the chille at the front.

The vegetables all looked quite bright but flat to me. Maybe it was the way you were lighting them, maybe you need less light coming from directly behind the camera so that their form is more visible. I hope you have plenty of reference. Remember, you might need to use some sub surface scattering to get them to look right.

The 3D letters don’t look too amazing to me at the moment. Often 2D lettering can look better.

Hope that helps.


looks good! but need more realism in the simulation part


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