Aww, SI-2012 no PTex?


Bummer. The Mudbox to SI-2012 with PTex would’ve been really cool.


thought there is no render in soft that could render ptex…


Then it’s a MentalRay thing? Because I thought Maya uses MR as standard renderer?


You need renderman or vray in maya to render them, or custom mr shader… Maya cant render them native…


PTex requires support on two fronts to be useful: Your painting app, and your rendering engine.
The former is not a prerogative of XSI, the latter is driven by MRay.

If you want to use PTex, use Mari and a RMan engine and you’ll be fine, at no point you particularly need those feeds in XSI, and if you really can’t live without seeing your textures in the viewport, then OGL doesn’t deal with PTex anyway, so you’d still have to bake to a set of UVs and do a switcheroo for a raster/UV map to see anything.


Think the current version of mari has no ptex support.


Apologies, you are right in that.
It’s coming anyway:

Make it mudbox and a rman engine, or even 3dcoat I believe has ptex support.


yes its comin to mari… and im burning to test it…


if you check out Mudbox 2012 preview and it says will do ptex. And AD has been “trying” to integrate all of their apps so supposedly SI has better exchanging method with MudBox. So the only thing holding SI back is the renderer which unlike Maya’s Vray option, RMan maybe the only solution (3Delight ?). Not sure about Arnold, though. We should have more info at GDC?


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