Awesome Multiplatform GPU Renderer Help


Hey how’s it going? It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here. Forgot how much of an amazing place this was. But anyway down to business…

I’m a Maya and Houdini artist. I’ve literally a ton of articles on 2009’s breakout hit Avatar where they explained that an enormous time saver for them was to render out the beauty passes using Renderman, and use their PantaRay GPU rendering cluster to render all of the other passes. I got to thinking about how one could recreate that same type of pipeline on a smaller scale for freelance/individual work using “off the shelf” products.

This is definitely a workflow I’d like to test and hopefully adopt if it works well, but I need a bit of help as far as GPU renderers are concerned.

What is the best GPU renderer currently available to the general public that:
[li]Works with both Maya & Houdini?
[/li][li]Can handle animations with ease?
[/li][li]Can render Maya/Houdini specific FX (Maya Fluids, PyroFX, etc)?
[/li][li]Has very little problems with GI, AO, Caustics, RT Refractions & Reflections?
[/li][li]Is physically correct, and production proven (small projects to large projects)?
[/li][li]Can use multiple GPUs (not a deal breaker)?

So far I’ve stumbled across Octane which seem about it, but was wondering if that’s as good as it gets for non-production studio environments???


I would have said Octane aswell.

But… Octane is a full fleged renderer that does exceptional well Beauty renders (with passes I think).

As far as I know Panta Ray only really does ambient occlusion + maybe spherical harmonics.

So… I guess what I want to say. If you want to use Octane. I don’t think it would make sense to take it’s output and process it again in another engine (like Prman or Mantra)… They only did this because the geometry was too complex to do Point Cloud occlusion in PRman and you don’t want to raytrace it in PRman.


Good point!


There is no GPU renderer supporting even a bunch from your features’ list, which is probably the reason why they aren’t used anywhere outside freelance/design business.


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