Awesome Animation reel - Jacob Svensson


Well, don’t really know about awesome, just hoping for some attention… :wink:

I’ve been working and playing with 3D for a couple of years now, but started
animating only a year ago, and so this is my first reel. Hope you’ll like it!

Demo Reel
(.mov 13 MB)


nice. if you finished off the lighting and texturing in some of the shots it would be very good.

what did you use for the wires on the robot rig ? was it all just one skeleton or did you have seperate deformers ?


hey jacob,
for that you´re animating since one year this is very good, i realy liked the robot and i´m realy looking forward to see some scenes lighted and textured…
keep up the animating…


Thanks for your replies, it’s very appreciated!

nice. if you finished off the lighting and texturing in some of the shots it would be very good.

what did you use for the wires on the robot rig ? was it all just one skeleton or did you have seperate deformers ?

Iv’e left them unlighted and untextured intentionally since I’ve seen in many places that when you’re applying for an animating position they only want to see the animations. I have a separate reel where I show off my other skills such as modeling, texturing and lighting.

It’s a bit unclear in this version of the reel since it’s a lower resolution than the original, but the Ninja, the flea and the robots are all downloaded from Kiel Figgins website - I’ve “only” animated them.


Reel looked ok. Not bad for a year. I would have to say that your timing was way off on some of those anims. I did like the ninja lugging the sword(showed pretty good weight). Overall I thought that the motion was a bit floaty and the arcs needed some adjusting, but you definitly have some potential.

                           -Nick Whitmire


i think the overall presentation of the reel works rather well. there is a nice flow and pacing to edit but some of the animations needs improvement.

  1. the ninja needs more weight in his backflip
  2. you pause for two long once the ninja isnt moving anymore, he should be moving into the cut cause it creates a second where youre attention can get thrown.
  3. the framing for the blue guy running worked well for type of motion he was doing so i dug that.
  4. with the gray fro guy you could pull the framing out more and close in on him. that would give a closer view of the motion considering there is no background. i would suggest putting in atleast a ground plane or something and rendering him with atleast an interesting shader assortment.
  5. with the bug hide that control
  6. i like the car because its showing a nice variety of animation types.
  7. with the lifeguard clip i dont know if you didnt animate anymore of the soundbite or not, but atleast having him saying “attention swimmers” would make that a better because now its apparent that its cutting in the middle of a action
  8. with the two bugs, if you took the left one up higher and the right one lower you could increase the size of both windows and just have the edges overlap. that way you can use more of the frame.
  9. the robot looks like its running on the moon.
  10. the car flip crash is a bit floaty
  11. i really like the cut to the ninja with the sword, that whole motion lines up pretty well with the music. the only thing id say is that he needs to have more down force with the sword
  12. with the second egg thing shot, dont hav objects selected if youre doing a playblast and turn off all the extra gui things. theres an option in maya for not showing them in the playblast. its somewhere in the playblast options.
  13. i like the little egg thing cause its cute and it has this sorta wondering look on its face so its a good shot from my perspective.
  14. at first the music annoyed me but it really works with the reel and i think it was a good choice. the flow and pacing of the music really worked with the cuts and i think with some tweaks here and there it would be a really strong piece throughout.



I figured the floatyness of the car flip out was to indicate it going into slow motion, like something from Burnout. And is the egg in a microwave at the end? Can you do that?


but the car doesnt actually slow down much, it just hangs for a while. and im pretty sure thats why the egg is scared. he knows he cant be put in a microwave.


Thanks for your reply Malcolm!
I’ve been rather busy with school related work latley, but I really appreciated your opinions on some of the clips. I was already aware of some of the problems, but the fact that you pointed them out helped me in correcting them.
So, I’ve made som updates to the reel:

  1. Sadly, the ninja-jumping file is corrupt, some refernce problem I’d guess and I’ve got no time to fix it now.
  2. The pause is gone.
  3. New render of the fro guy (who actually is a previs arab sheik… :wink: ).
  4. New render of the bug.
  5. The free rig I used for the guy in the pool was corrupt (something with the ik for the arms) , that’s why it’s cut short, but I’ve animated the rest of “attention swimmers” now.
  6. Larger versions of the bug cycles.
  7. I wanted the “head” of the robot to be quite stable at first, since it looks sort of a cockpit, but it ended up looking, as you pointed out, as if it’s running in the moon. I’ve edited the cycle, and hopefully it’s better.
  8. I haven’t got the car files, so I’ve left the most of the crash out.
  9. Applied some more weight to the sword.
  10. Rendering of the egg instead of playplast.

The eggs are from a pre-production tests me and my frinds made for two traditional film makers who are interested in producing an animated movie, The Fridge. In the pre-production tests, a gang of eggs hears about the legendery hard boiled egg, and goes on a quest to become hard boiled themselves, hence the egg in the microwave…

Once again, thanks!

Edit: Forgot to mention, the link to the reel is the same as before:


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