Awakening, Lcone (3D)


even u get alive,a new time had been u should be swakening for save this world.alive is a hardest work,but everyone have to finish it,no matter need to spend how much time,money…even a life.that¡®s the truth,and so,that¡®s also the true meaning .

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Lookin great! what’s te tehnique?:applause:


Thats a very nice looking piece. I like how the buildings are bowed outward from the corridor. Lighting is also pretty nice. Do all of us peons a favor and post some wires, as well as what software you are using. :thumbsup:


Pretty amazing piece of work !

Bravo :thumbsup:


Lovely! sweet cool :drool: cool lovely!!! :drool:


Wicked environment; love the atmosphere! :cool:


stunning atmosphere and composition.:applause:


I’m perception what you want to told me that feelings when I see the this frame…
Very nice work Guy! :beer: :thumbsup:


I useing 3dsmax3.1 This is wireframe thanks


marvellous!!! lovely work

“zhen de hao!” - pin yin



wonderful lighting effect !!!



You are good man.

This Good job.


damn! looks damn fine. How much on it is post? Somehow it reminds me of FinalFantasy spirits within, with that big winged 'ghost" going trough that cathedral.


Wow!! Awesome work!!
Front page stuf:buttrock::buttrock:

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good job!!:applause: :applause:


Great, fantastic job




Very good china boy


oddly enough, this picture makes me want to sleep…

the density makes my brain tingle.

good stuff


wow, that’s a LOT of detail in the buildings.

Considering how dim the edges of the picture are the center seems to be much too bright; almost to the point of washing out detail on the bird thing in the center.