AWAKE - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


All I did was put the camera in the scene, and they acted it out all by themselves. Well, actually, It happened as soon as I put the shaders on.

I’m glad I gave them all the same shoes or someone might have died.

Jake, you need to get a grip. It’s just us nerds watching.


Mattmos & mrSolo,

Thanks for the good feedback. Both of you guys are doing great work… (yes, I’m internet stalking you) Matt, I like the art and design in “The other side”. Really nice stuff. Marcelo, The skeletoons stuff looks really fun. Sweet poses in there.


lol, thanks for the compliment - I’ve been an internet stalker of yours since you posted that kick ass demo reel with the nike basketball stick-guy a while back :wink:


Thks man, It is really good comming from a good animator as you! : )

About your demo, How canI see it? Do you have a websit? I am pretty sure you have a lot of excellent stuff to inspire with!

Keep going!




 lol :scream: That's a pretty deep stalk.. That thread is now in the legacy section since it's so old. 

No website of my own. I’ve been too lazy or busy or some other thing… maybe in the new year I’ll make it. It would help, at the very least to show my family how far all my nerding goes.

 This is the link to the reel. it's more or less 18megs. It's also getting old.. 

I took a staff job recently at Method in Santa Monica. If you search for Jeremy Butler you can see stuff that I worked on.


Holly crap :bounce:

Excelent stuffs you got in your demo!! Man… you just win a nerd fan!!

Keep going maestro!!

Vitor Vilela


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