AWAKE - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Nice work. The light gray character’s right foot looks a little stiff on the rolling part. Other than that its looking great.


Thanks yo.

I hope I can get it where I want for the deadline. and for the pre-deadline… :slight_smile:



that shit is tight!!
the golden gif is as good as yours!


HA… Golden gif.

I’ve worked on it too much and not enough. Snowboards in 6 hours, and then return of the King at colin’s tomorrow.

I’m glad you like it, yo.


your’s rocks! so much for my chance of getting the golden gif. on the plus side…snowboarding. yes.



Its over…

or is it?



That ish is hot… That guy is really about to get his monkey ass kicked. Another stellar anim paatna. And remember it’s GIF. Jiff is peanut butter.


another backyard banger from my man! where’s dj clue? he needs to drop the sirens to this joint!


Yo, I just looked at every animation… you won.


yeah it’s hot dude.



Congratulations AWAKE!!

Very cool :smiley:

Vitor Vilela


Mawb-Deep , Roto, go go go and Vitor, thanks you guys. I’m glad you’re into it…

I just did a render of it…


Word up…


OH MY GOD! you killed it. that’s hot (paris hilton shouldn’t take credit for that phrase). i’m like beyonce, “SPEECHLESS”


Thanks RoTo…

Wu-Tang again? … Aww yeah. Again and again!

Paris hilton is spelled with an F.


Killer. The cut works perfectly. One v.v.v.small crit, not entrely sure about the way the first guys head rotates in a different direction after the punch passes. The up and down motion of the guy in white and the scramble to the feet of the guy in green are both awesome. You got serious skills man…


very nice, beats mine. well done. Well done indeed.




Thanks for the comments. I’ve kind of had issues with that punch since the beginning. (check out the first couple quicktimes) I should have made it more of a priority to fix it. I guess there is nothing I can do about it now… haha…


Really cool!

Loved your animation! I agree about teh cut, works relly good!

Congratulations for the great job!



Dude, I don’t think you need to worry, the rest of the animation more than makes up for it!
Relax and have a beer :beer:


just what the animation world needs. promotion of black on black violence.