AWAKE - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut



        I'm in on this one.  no boards yet, but the Idea is a street fight.  (big suprise) 
      Ok..  got the boards together.  
      1. The dude just knocked someone out.
      2. He's still ready to go.
      3. He hears someone rushing up..  cut 
      4. Boom. He gets tackled...  
      We'll see how it all plays out later but I'm expecting it to be really pretty quick in terms of framecount.
   [b]  12/09/04[/b]

So here is my progress so far. Already I want to change a lot of things. Some things in my head, and some things in the file. Doing this challenge is more involved than I thought…

     quicktime sorenson3 2mb
 [/b]okay got the server straight.. addressed a bunch of issues in terms of the cameras, energy and timing.. Still some leftover robot, and the roll is gonna eat my life away, but it is starting to take shape..
 quicktime sorenson3  2mb

Okay, changed the roll a bit. or got rid of it. I’m running out of frames… and time. I am almost done. I want to change the bouncing now as it is slightly muppet like and the ending needs a few frames extra , but I don’t think I’ll have the time. It’s good to have a deadline…

[/color][color=White]  quicktime sorenson3 >1mb
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[/b]Session is done… [b]




it looks cool. I wanna see the hit animated!



Me too… my original thought was to have the hit happen in the closeup shot. I think it’s against the rules.


I don’t know, I think you might get a better reaction to cut to a wider shot right as the hit happens, as well as it would probabaly be a bit eaiser to understand that he’s getting hit. I would think in a close up it could be a little confusing as to what acually happend to him, (though I realize it would be exlplained afterwords when the camera cut) Anywho, I should probably get back to mine, I still gotta think of something for my guy to react to.



Yeah… It could go either way. I originally boarded it with the hit happening in the first shot, but wanted to try to stick real close to the rules. since the action is continuous, it’ll be easy to try it both ways.

HEre’s the lost storyboard.


either way, it shoud be cool. have you started animating it yet? Are you using models you already made, or are you just using something from the net?



animation has begun. I’m using a model that I had lying around.…


nice, man. Cool start, I wanna see the rest!



lookin good AWAKE. i’m liking what you’re laying down.

the right jab is good, but that left doesn’t really feel like it connects. i’m not sure what you have in mind, but it would be cool to see that left really take that guy down. so when it hits his head snaps back more and there is more follow through with the punch since it is almost going through him.

also after the hit happens the guy is still bouncing around like there is another guy to fight. it might be cool if he’s more like WHAT’S UP over the guy going down. know what i mean?

good good.

ps: i gots the internet


go go go,

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I know exactly what you mean about the second punch. No energy at all. Actually the whole thing was somewhat sluggish to me the day after I uploaded it… I was working on it today and I addressed that as well as the framing. It’s more like the storyboard now. Server problems are keeping my upload from happening. hopefully I can get something up for monday…


[color=White]okay got the server straight… addressed a bunch of issues in terms of the cameras, energy and timing… Still some leftover robot, and the roll is gonna eat my life away, but it is starting to take shape…

quicktime sorenson3 2mb


nice! have fun with that tumble!



Yeah… I know. It’s gonna be a lot of keyframes.

I was supposed to be working on it every night after work this week, but things are coming up all over the place… I must finish…


that tumble is going to be the shit when it comes together.
the cut is great and my favorite part is when he get tackled by that guy, cuts, and the roll starts. good good.

main gripe: the punches seem a little slow.
and maybe excessive body bobbing? i dunno on that one really…

when’s it gonna be done??



Thanks for the comments… I did some revisions last night and I changed some of the Y translation on the bobbing so he doesn’t come up as high. I added shoulder and head motion. It looks a little more natural now, but it is still an unmistakable bob… Maybe I’ll try a version with less bobbing. I’ll be starting the tumble tonight. It goes so fast, it might not be all that bad. I working on it tonight and on friday, but the whole thing has to be done for the deadline of the 20th. I wanted to bust out a render if there is time.


yo, that’s banana’s DUN! by the way, i love your homepage! toodles!


Great work so The animation before the cut is really good.
I like the fact the there is a sence of weight on the characters.




thanks yo… The homepage is lucky its just that picture… I’ve had the site for years and have done nothing with it. maybe soon. (I always say that)


I’m glad you like it… Thanks.



Pretty cool man!

Love the guys fighting on the first shot! The cut is working really good!

Good luck!



Thanks mrSolo!

The new one is slightly different. The roll started as a better Idea in blocking, so I changed it. It also was easier to do that way. I was starting to get gimble crazy on the controls with all my bullshit hierarchy crap.

[color=White] quicktime sorenson3 1mb