AVP - Entertaining....or not.


First, I saw the other thread about the clip and its just about people complaining about the Aliens tail. This thread will get right to the focus of the movie.

I thought this movie was great, very entertaining. Im not an anal follower of alien and predator but i did very much enjoy both the original movies and the sequal to alien.

The battles between the alien and predator were great, there were enough of them and made me want more, dont want to give away too many spoilers.

One thing that really bothered me was the interaction between the human hero and the predator. Those who saw should know what im talking about, the audience started laughing and i couldnt help but smile. SPOILER When she takes down an alien and the predator makes her that weapon and they run away from the camera towards the light all blurry was quite funny. I could see him helping her if it meant his survival but still this broad would get in his way and slow him down. Sure they used to interact with humans long ago, they showed em how to build and evolve, so it makes sense, but the movie fails to give the audience a way to accept it and it just comes off cheesy. Its a big part and effects the rest of the predator human interaction.

But, it does make up for it with the queen sequences, damn that thing is sweet.

So, what did you think?


This movie ummm…

well I’m a die hard Alien and a die hard Predator Fan Boy. I saw “Predator” and “Alien” at about the same time in my life. They scared me for years after. And last Christmas I all most wet myself when I got the Alien Box Set. Sorry I’m just a fan boy.

This movie was like being slapped in the face with a fish. Not only did it hurt for a bit but it stunk too. But on the up side the more I wine about it the more I relies it could have been so much worse. I love this idea it made a few good comic books, but this was an abysmal rehash of the same story I’ve been tricked into buying before. The thing thats upset me the most is they dangled tie-ins to the other movies for the last eight years and they gave us four. Waylen Corp. as in Weylen-Yuteiny(?) Corp. from the alien movies. Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen). And the Aliens & and Predators. This was a hack job of these movies. Paul W.S. Anderson has F*#ked a big burly “Resident Evil” pouch with this one too.

As far as the CG and SFX this is at the highest of the high. Great except for the Predator’s face it looked very rubbery and fake other then that I just miss Stan Winston.

If you love Aliens this a movie your going to have too see, but I think it may make you cry. If you love Predator you really miss the good old days of “Predator 2”.



I saw it this morning at 12:01 a.m. It could’ve been a lot worse be it could’ve been a whole lot better too. I thought it was too short and their really wasn’t much character development for anyone other than the woman and the italian. It did have some great scenes that really pulled you into the action which made it not as painful and actually rather entertaining at times. The scene that everyone was downing in the other thread was good in the movie. Like I said, it probably wasn’t used the same way they used it in the final cut of the movie and it wasn’t. The poses weren’t really poses as they were actually preparation for attacks etc. Any who, I did like it better than A3 & A4 but, the very last scene with the predator in the ship on the table…that kind of sucked. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet but…(sigh), why? Does this mean there is going to be a sequel to this pre/sequel?

Also, I felt that they could’ve put more into what the storyline, not the idea but just the meat. The story idea was good but when put out there, it made you think there should have been more. I’ll get more detailed as more people post.


Damn, I knew they were gonna screw that up. I was stoked to see it, too.

I have to admit, the movies don’t really excite me anymore. I grew up with the Empire Strikes Back, Aliens, Predator 1, Die Hard, RoboCop. Even Total Recall and Starship Troopers had merits beyond their face value. I think I first noticed things taking a stinky turn with “Species”. Now, I hardly go to see movies like this anymore. When I do, I expect to be let down. I mean look at the new Star Wars movies for God’s sake.

It’s like the camera and the noise and the special effects never stop so that people can have a conversation. There’s no development anymore. I take it from what you guys have written that the same aesthetic was applied to AvP.


I have not seen the movie yet but I am a big hardcore Aliens and Predator. I have always wanted to be a director and as a teenager I longed to be the one to come out with the first AVP. I have read a lot of both books and comic books. About a year ago I did some digging on the net and found out that Anderson was getting the go ahead from Fox to direct the movie once they got a good enough script. Now when I heard what the script was, I was disgusted. Do the executives at Fox not read the comic books? or see the original movies? Its like most film companies now just sell action, no true story.

For instance, Alien 1-3 brilliant, Alien Resurrection crap. if you follow the stories after Alien 3, after Ripley dies, there are 3 books that continue the story. Aliens: Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum, and Female War. I think Alien Resurrection is all these 3 books combined into one. but they twisted up and ruined the story lines. Space pirates hijack human cadavers to sell them to a crazy military general secretly breading Aliens. this happened in book 2 but the hijackers are the ones that get hijacked. Ripley isn’t clowned, she’s a synthetic new droid with her memory, and you and her don’t find out that she’s a droid till book 3. They never went into the storyline with the Alien Planet, and that there are two different Alien species. Nor do they talk about earth getting over run by the Aliens in the book 1. A lot of story and info left out.

oh and the clone half alien half human baby/queen that they bread in Alien Resurrection was a poor way to make that story interesting. The people who wrote that script should read Aliens: Genocide.

I hope AVP(the Movie) isn’t a rewrite of the Books AVP: Prey and Hunters Planet. These book I would have chosen to script into 2 good movies. They also have a female hero. But I can’t complain till I See it. I’ll let you know.


Yeah dude, how excessively, ludicrously violent was Alien: Resurrection? When Dan Hedaya takes out a piece of his brain and looks at it after being attacked, I literally laughed out loud.

They really took that in a weird direction. I actually kind of dug the whole Ripley-Alien hybrid clone idea. They didn’t really focus on what that did to her character, though. Her personality. Instead, they were like “Hey look! She bleeds acid and stuff now.”

I have the first and second on DVD, but none of the others. Three had potential, but killing off Hicks and Newt was unforgivable.

Anyway, yeah I should reserve judgement until I see it too. This thread has lowered my expectations a bit though.



This would have been much better in my opinion.

I should add that I have no idea if that’s the proper script or some fan thing, I would still have much preferred it though.


Honestly, some of the fight scenes sucked. About 1/3 of the shots in the same fight sequence as was featured in the trailer, featured the aliens tail waiving around with the wall as a backdrop. The other parts of that scene were better, though.

Oh, that last scene definitely sucked.

spoiler I mean, wouldn’t he now that was inside of him? After all, the human felt it inside of him. One of the other predators should have seen it with their thermal vision (or whatever that one had used to see the face huggers inside of their little pods)


Well, I’m a little glad to hear that the movie is going to be exactly what I thought it would. It was pretty obvious that it was going to just be a nostalgic action movie, I was simply hoping that it would be an entertaining one, or a popcorn movie. I liked Alien and Predator, but I think the movie will be better for me than some simply because I’ve always considered them to be just more monster movies, although particularly good ones.

The woman, from what I saw, is a pretty bleh actor, but that’s just what I saw from the fight scene. I guess compared to the other two, humans are pretty boring :wink: I also think a few changes to the aliens are good, like the return of the see-through head-thingy. The predators look, um, chunky. I think they look better when they’re more skinny and sleek.


Oh god the movie made me want to cry!!! :sad: Well, crying for the pathos. It was way too short and there were only 2 really good fight scenes, in my opinion. Plus I’m rather partial to the Predators and my head nearly exploded when SPOILER the second one died. I was v. annoyed with the humans in general. I couldn’t believe how quickly they terminated the pyramid. The ending also made me really upset…somehow it was akin to adding insult to injury. END SPOILER

I heard that somebody made models of baby predators and aliens…does anybody have a link to that?


If you can watch Alien 3 the Directers cut. It makes a lot more scents and is a much better movie, although it stell dosen’t explane were the Aliens on the ship came from… it had the same problem this movie had, somewere in "Hell"ywood some guy said “don’t worry its not like anyone that sees this movie well think of that, just get it out there and make us some money!”:rolleyes::rolleyes:

I’m not going to go in to too much untell more people have seen it.:slight_smile:


i just have one question, do directors… and producers, actually read what we have to say about this movies ? i mean…

at some point they need to make money… just that, so they do…freddy vs jason, alien vs predator, now what ? santa vs satan ?:rolleyes:
how can we do to stop this…
also, troy sucked big time, too long! i dont want to even think how long would be a directors cut! damn!


dude, santa vs. satan would be the bomb.


Well saw this one and basically it was only OK…Not scary, no HUGE thrills, but it was a lot of fun just to see some of the scenes involving interaction between the two species…which was actually well thought out and cool to watch. Of course compared to the originals, the script is bad, the actors bad(except for the movie’s female lead character and Mr “bishop” Weyland…whose character just felt waisted and didnt go anywhere in the movie.) But compared to something like a ValHelsing, a GOOD movie. Especially when we see an Alien QUEEN go to work in her usual style. Very cool.

However, It sucked that the director had a lot of meaty contact scenes that he was forced to cut out by the studio to keep a PG-13 rating - a terrible idea for this kind of film…which makes it feel choppy. Most of the blood gore and violence from the originals is reduced to a lot of alien slobber, fast-moving blurred pouncing, and off-camera attacks.

Probably the worst thing about it was that they didnt properly consider the fact that the main character (who was a female) and the lead predator had a scene towards the end of this film that just felt horribly wrong…had a few people snickering and others feeling plain uncomfortable. Had that same scene been shot with a male lead (schwartzenegger or glover…etc) it would have worked. With a female it felt plain awkward and downright disturbing. Not that the scene couldn’t work with a female, just not the way they shot it.

                   ANyways...The cg was actually very cool.  
       There were a couple of slow-mo matrix styled facehugger attack scenes that (although cool) just didnt work for me.

Theres also a pretty bad Batman and Robin running effect in one shot, as the last 2 survivors run away from a huge alien queen.
The sound and music were average at best.
And the film was 1/2 hour too short.

Overall, you just leave feeling like there could have been more…But even with all the problems…it was still a step ahead of the the last 2 Alien movies in my opinion, as long as you leave your brain (and fanboyism) at home.


It’s not a bad movie, it’s watchable. I agree that this movie could have been a lot worst.

What I want to comment is the director. Paul A. directed RESIDENT EVIL as well.
What I find interesting is this movie is just like RESIDENT EVIL in many ways.


A group of soldiers, hired by a rich corporation/corporation+Bill Gate-like rich guy, to go inside an enclosed Underground structure. Once there, they found dead people. And deeper they walk, they find strange things. And then, their entrance where they came in, is sealed off tight by a computer/pyramid structure. Then these zombies/aliens start attacking the soldiers, one by one they are all dead. Of course, battle and action inserted here. Now, only a few survivors are still here. And to escape the structure, they ride the speeding train/speeding small cave pulling system at fast speed near the end of the movie. And at very end, the male hero and female warrior/the male Predator and female warrior/female climber got out. At the end, they were all greeted by a big group of corporate medic/Predator clan.

Is it just me or it seems like these two are basically the same movies, just replace zombies with Aliens/Predator? What bugs me is I don’t like the extreme quick cutting of some of the Alien/Predator battle scenes, it’s way too quick and confusing, I don’t find the director to be on the level of James Cameron or Ridley Scott, becuase they know how to direct and make action movies work, but Paul A. clearly isn’t near their level at all.

And I think the female heroine casted is in the wrong role. I just don’t buy her for a minute that she carries the whole movie like Ridley did in the Alien series.

I didn’t expect much going in, so I didn’t have too much to lose coming out of the theater. It’s a so-so movie.


Its reported that most of the bad editing is due to the fact that he had to cut a lot of scenes to keep a safe PG-13 for the studio.


See, I think that’s part of the problem right there, the PG-13. A big part.

It’s like when the RoboCop series of the late 80s was converted to a PG-13 franchise (from one of the most violent films ever made). It just takes the punch out of those kinds of characters.

I suppose the studio figures it can maximize its returns by appealing to the widest audience possible; and they’re right…to an extent. More people are ‘allowed’ to see it I guess, so they’ve got that covered.

It’s just a shame. I wonder how many Fox execs are artists, or even fans of those old alien/predator movies. Just by reading this thread it’s clear that everyone has similar opinions about movies like this - I always wonder why no one with the power to make the movies everyone wants actually does anything about it :shrug:.


Atleast he isn’t the director of Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The only downfall is that he was the writer.


I too saw this movie at the 12:01 showing. I almost didn’t go to se it, after hearing it was PG-13. That was the goriest PG-13 movies I’ve ever seen. The fight scene were really cool and I loved the slow-motion cuts. Really let you look at the quality of work.

spoiler I started laughing when the predator and the woman were running through that exploding hallway. Sooo hokey! And when they got out of the cavern I thought the predator was going to say something like “You now are my bride, queen, for I am now the predator king!!” Then they snowboard to safety or something. spoiler


Fo Real! I thought that when they made it out and he took off his mask and yelled, he wanted a kiss or something. It was funny AND gross.