Avid to Preview 64-bit SOFTIMAGE|XSI Software at Microsoft Conference


I can’t wait to get my hands on this software! I’ve got a dual core Opteron machine warmed up and ready to run some numbers…



Hi Chuck,

All of the threads that I post or reply on are done as me the user/evangelist even though I do work at Softimage, have to watch my wording, and might be just a bit biased. Maybe I should start using Jaco’s sig :slight_smile:

All this 64 bit talk is good for our industry so congrats to you and the gang as well,
please send my regards to Jim.


Those are already impressive numbers marksch, im wondering also about frame rates on Enveloped and Animated Characters, can u gives us a small hint on those too please :smiley:


So whats the story with Alias and Autodesk? Any 64bit stuff going on with Max and Maya? All new software from these two camps perhaps?


It’s a very good bet that they are working on 64-bit implementations as well, but just aren’t talking about
it yet for one reason or another.


Hi, Will!

Congrats to you, and apologies that I didn’t know you’d gone to work for XSI, and intruded on your post. I’ll pass your regards along to Jim, and greetings and felicitations to you from all of us here! :slight_smile:

Yes, the potential of the 64-bit developments is just incredible. Can’t wait to see the work the artists are going to be bringing out of this!


You are right. I was assuming and, as you know, assuming does not help. I actually spent some time looking at the relevant documentation from windows, amd and intel, but this Unix page summed it up best:

Although the number of applications written in C requiring a large virtual address space is growing rapidly, there has not been a requirement to date for a 64-bit int data type. The majority of existing 64-bit applications previously ran only on 32-bit platforms, and had no expectation of a greater range for the int data type. The extra 32 bits of data space in a 64-bit int would appear to be wasted. Any future applications which require a larger scalar data type can use the long type.

And that makes a lot of sense.


That page is pretty standard now. It’s in fact standard in C, C++, C#, and Java that an int is 32-bits,
a long is 64 bits, and a float is also 32 bits, and a double is 64 bits. There is an x87 data type called
“long double” which is an 80-bit float, but that doesn’t get much use anymore. I don’t think SSE2’s scalar
ops even support it.

Most software running on 64-bit systems is actually 32-bit software, and most software uses 32-bit ints.
Good software developers won’t build 64-bit binaries or use doubles or longs unless they need to, but
AMD64 is going to buck that trend a bit, because the extra registers potentially offer benefits enough that
the extra memory overhead is worth the tradeoff. Otherwise, it’s usually a waste of resources.

I don’t think that I need to point out that 3D animation software generally fits into the category of
applications which would benefit greatly from the extra memory capacity even without the extra
processor resources. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m sure that an Maya 64 bit build is aroudn the corner, but I would personalyl be surprised to see a MAX 64 bit incarnation. The core of MAX is getting pretty lopng in the tooth. I suspect Autodesk are probabyl investing their time in a 634 bit version of MAX’s successor.


Mark already mention testing a scene with[color=white] “5,000+ characters roaming around taking a whopping 4.5 gigs of system RAM, and all of it renders without ever running into virtual memory!”

Does that answer your quesrion?



well a 64 bit v softimage xsi is probaly great… what conserns me more is the new features…
id give a rats ass if it even was a softimage 1000 bit version

i need bether modelling tools. :thumbsup:

poly is great but we need somthin like Amapi or Maya

only reason im sticking with Xsi cause i spent more than 1 year with it allready.
And i allso find the interface the best period =)

can anyone point me to a post or say if there are some great features in the 64 bit version?
or is that all there is to it…wohaa 64 bit nothing more…


haha as a max user I can tell you Im a little concerned. But then Ive really just been waiting on vray for maya and then Ill prolly make the change for good anyways.


Good, good.I want the support up to 16 GB memory.Yessssss.


PEople people,…what about the new modelling features!?


You’ll have to wait another week like the rest of us.


which are?


“PEople people,…what about the new modelling features!?”

What features are you missing exactly?


SIG 05 sounds like it’s going to be an exciting one this year. I was a little let down with last years, it was rather, uneventful for me. But this year hopefully I can get away from doing shots and come revel in the tech glory.


what i meant was, is there any new modelling stuff/features in XSI 5.0 or whatever it’s called?


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