AVI from Lightwave to Shake,BG problem


Hi all,

a person gave me avi from Lightwave, when I opened it, it works but when I press a , I see there is black colour for the back ground but that black should be white, the avi which he gave me should be completly white when I press a, I do not know where is the problem.

Also in Final Cut Pro, I could not see the back ground from this avi.

But same avi is opened in premiere ( windows operating system ),it works without any problem.

Is it because we brought it from windows to mac or there is no relation. Any one face this before and what can I do.

Thanks a lot.


Shake uses quicktime to read avi so it is very limited in the codecs. Most Avi files don’t even support an embedded alpha channel.

Shake and most other compositors prefer image sequences over any container movie file format. So render something like a tiff sequence out.



Thank you very much sir.


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