average vertices


hi all,
…is there any command/quick solution for smoothing out selected vertices?
in maya its either “average vertces” or the paint tool with smooth activated…

thanks a lot


um … the smooth tool?


yep I know, but its basically a deformer… I thought of a more interactive way…
what Im looking for is more like a brush, where you dont paint a value of a smooth map, but which repeats the command on the vertices everytime i paint over it (maybe like the smooth brush in zbrush, or maya, mudbox, etc)


Can’t you use a weightmap to attenuate the deform?.

Apply a weightmap property and connect it to the strength, set the value of the strength, and start painting.



He is looking for a more direct way of doing this, not with a weight map, not with a deformer, just a simple tool, like the one in ZBrush he is mention. I also would love to have this tool at hand… it would be great to have it in a tool like the tweak one, averaging verticies inside the radius…

As far as I know, XSI dosn`t have something like this yet. I hope I am wrong though.



Did you actually try what misterdi posted ? Cause that is exactly how it works… Sure it takes a few steps to set it up first, but those can be easily scripted.


Hey thanks…

I dunno if its the same, what amount of strengh do you have to set it up to apply for averaging?, maybe I am not completely undestanding that, the strengh should be always the same? will I have to change the strengh depending on the topology?? shoulnt it just average??? I might just be confused, but anyways, I am a lazy bastard when it comes to scripting, specialy cause I dont know how to, that is why I would love something out of the box, I guess I am not the only one here…

Thank for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Richard Jr.


You don’t really need to script, just:

  1. Get > Property > Weight Map.
  2. Modify > Deform > Smooth. Since the weight map is still selected from the previous step, it gets automatically connected to the Strength parameter.
  3. Press W and start painting.

You’ll probably find you get good control if you crank up the Smooth deformer’s strength very high, and turn down the brush’s opacity (press E and drag while the paint tool is active).


smooth/relax + weight map != iterative localized smoothing ala zbrush or smooth brush of houdini etc. It would be the same if relax modifier would be frozen and weight map reseted on each mouse/tablet up and whole thing repeated on each stroke.

You can easily test this in 2d, get a photo, apply 2 x gaussian blur 4px and in another document apply blur 8 px. Do a difference, and see the difference. Its the same with 3d.


What I usually set for the strength is the maximum value I’m expecting for it. It will be attenuate by the weightmap value. For example if you have 20 set for the strength and 0.2 as the weight value, the effective result would be 20 x 0.2 = 4. This is assuming I’m working with 0-1 boundary in Weightmap (normalized).



yep el-diabolo, you exactly got what I meant…but i think if there was a scripting guru here it shouldnt be hard to script…its just like a repeated average function combined with the paint tool which calls the function everytime a vertex is painted over or even a raycast sellection mode could do it…


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