were is the upload Avatar
i dont see it in Edit Options
there is just a button says Avatar
and no Browse button to upload it.


you have to wait until you have 20 posts under your belt, then the option will turn on exactly where your looking.


First, posts like this should be made in the CGTalk Support Forum

Second, as posted in the above said forum you need a minimum of 20 posts in order to use an avatar.

Do yourself a favour and read all the stickies & FAQs posted in CGtalk. Lots of info to be had.


*moved to support forum


thannk you


Have a blank in the avatar section???
Your firewall may be blocking.
So set firewall rules for cgtalk.com, cgnetworks.com, +other
to allow these site names access.
This is for norton system probably the same for others…
Worked for me anyway.!


isnt 20 a little hefty? Wouldnt 5 or 10 be better? I mean with the new-user-alert after ever Nth post, I would still stop trolls, right?


1 month and 20 posts.

its really the 1 month that is there to stop the trolls from posting offencive images in their avatar, the 20 posts is from an older cgtalk.


Does that mean, that the “New User Alert” is holding up until I’ve 20 postings?


Originally posted by Littleluk
Does that mean, that the “New User Alert” is holding up until I’ve 20 postings?


Thank you :).


Well that figures, :cry: and i sooo lookin’ forward to makin’ my avatar!

mmmm avatar:drool:


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