But…I aggree with the font comment. I noticed it when the first marketing came out and I was certain it had to just be an early draft. I used that font on my first webpage in the mid 90s for chrissake.

Heh, I was just coming back to this thread to bring up the topic of that font :smiley:


For those who missed out on the previous discovery of combining the Avatar trailer with Imogen Heap’s new track 2 1, here’s your chance to bask in it’s glory here

Since creating the mix (I literally just stuck the track on top) I can’t stop watching it, it’s just so mesmerizing :drool:

props to Cresshead aka stephen gilbert for discovering this

…actually, vimeo seems to have unsynced the sound a bit, does anyone know how to stop that happening?


Now… disregarding grading, contrast issues and dynamic range, what about THE FILM?

One thing about the comments here that somewhat annoys me are the “meh, we saw it before” kind of comments. Did we really?

Yes, “hot alien chick riding the dragon” has been promised to us for aeons, way back to the Heavy Metal poster. But have we actually seen it in a movie? For those who saw the Heavy Metal movie, no, we didn’t actually get that. At all. We got a blue girl riding an uncooked plucked chicken, for 5 seconds.

Many of the things you see in this film has - yes - been “seen before” in fantastic illustrations, in graphic novels and perhaps even animation. But in “live action”? Or at least “such high-level CGI that it is pretty-much live action”?

I say, no, we have actually not.

Many of these things has been hinted at in game cinematics (mech wars) but have they ever been actually been put to celluloid? At any quality? (And do not say “Matrix Revolutions” becaue The Matrix never had any sequels, okay?)

So while a lot of these images and themes have been in our collective unconscious for decades, have they actually ever been put in an actual film, together? And at any quality worth watching?

As far as I know… NO.

I think this is exactly what Jim Cameron is planning.

This is not necessarily about things being new and “never imagined before”… it’s about never having actually seen it at this level of realism and quality and in the same story.

It’s basically 12 year old Camerons wet dream, and I applaud that. And frankly, I’ll be in line to see it, even if the CG isn’t totally “photographically real”.

I always wanted a movie with the flying alien chick on the dragon, with the mechs, with the floating islands, with the Mèziéres inspired fauna…

…looks like I’m gonna get it.

Thank you, Jim.



glitches? What parts?


Feature length science fiction adventure with spaceships, aliens, and marines. How can it go wrong? :beer: Think 5 stars in the 3D Gallery section, but moving, for a whole film. It really will be a treat.

Re: the crits happening due to the whole “photoreal” hype thing. My two cents:

In the past, many have criticised an apparent overabundance of talking cute furry animal CG animated cartoons, where we could have more grown-up oriented variety in genres. Whether the crits are valid or not, we have waited a long time for another epic SF film… so would it be so bad if it turned out in the eyes of some to “just” to be a 200 million dollar James Cameron directed “cartoon”? If Pixar were making one, EVERYONE would be flipping out over it - no matter how stylised it looked. Isn’t James Cameron at least as well regarded in the film world as a Pixar director?


Some scenes with Naomi Watts, or the explorer crew with the dinsaours, are just horrible. All the CG is near perfect and the compositing of the live action elements just ruins it.

But this is somewhat off topic here… although Avatar will definitely have a lot of scenes with humans in full CG enviroments. But they have to do the workflow in completely different ways as the stereo 3D isn’t nearly as forgiving…


Yes, quite amusing how every time an awesome gametrailer gets posted or some game with incredible cinematics gets released everyone demands a feature length movie in the same style and quality and now they use it as a negative (even though i dont agree that this looks like a game.


Well as you said there are only 5 basic stories ;-). In reality the devil is in the details, so I completly agree with you. It comes down to how well a director tells the story and Camero has been good so far.

Visual wise if anything some things is Cameron copying himself, especially Aliens and The Abyss. But everything looked fantastic in the end, even the jungle at night.

In King Kong, mainly the dino stampede sequence. From what I heard PJ made a lot of changes/additions late in the game. I think the VFXWorld article also hints at that mentioning bringing several VFX supes to handle the load.

In Avatar it’s mainly that shot of Worthington rolling out of the spaceship, but as mentioned that’s probably not a final shot (since it’s a Framestore shot that’s some of the overflow work). But in the preview everything looked pretty much done. There were a couple of instances when a few plants looked flat or say the out of focus particulate matter in the air threw me off until I realized what it was. Overall it’s as good as any other Summer blockbuster.


I wonder will this thread be the longest in cgs history :lightbulb

Very cool that this movie is so talked about, i think its a win/win :wink:

Can’t wait till its out!!!

  • Ty


I saw the Imax preview yesterday and it was the most exciting cinematic experience I have seen since… at least 7 years.

Fox really dropped the ball on that trailer.


I totally agree.

On the downloadable teaser it look like just another ordinary (but good) fx-loaded movie. In the 3D preview it really impressed me! Those 15min went by so fast!


I don’t think the animationmentor thread will ever be dethrowned unless autodesk goes out of business and Poser becomes the defacto cg package for film and game studios.


The now closed “post your picture” thread is the longest thread in cgtalk history still.


but just behind the “bonanza” thread with 17000 replies in the cgs member section.


This trailer was… very unexpected. But I think this will be a good movie. And I’m hearing good stuff about the 15 minute preview. The part with the guy on the wheelchair coming out of the ship and the mech behind him is so horrible. Looks like a WIP shot.


Well I am taking the movie as space opera no matter how realistic they try for. Just going to enjoy it as a beautiful looking movie and good chance that it will have a great story fun characters and give us a whole new batch of catch phrases for the next 10 years.

From all the bits I’ve seen the world is a moon around a gas giant (saturn) type world so It may be some magnetic effect. There were stills of some rock formations that were shaped like giant magnetic loops (like on the sun) so I am taking it that the floating islands are being repulsed by the ground under them. Something along those lines.

I love the look of the world , it is like a living roger dean cover, even the black light glowing nightscapes and people/na’vi.


While I don’t think tech explanations are important (there were none in Aliens or Terminator, and the terminator concept in fact is completely unrealistic), here are some, based on the leaked script.

[spoiler]Avatar tech is not really explained beyond chips implanted in the clones. There is no downloading, no permament mind transfer - the bodies are simply remote controled. Think about it like a day job, like using the loader robot in Aliens… this concept is also expanded in many interesting directions throughout the movie.

The hills float because they contain a mineral that’s a room temperature superconductor, and the magnetic fields of the gas giant pull them around.[/spoiler]

Actually a lot of the story is quite scientific and restricted, closer to hardcore scifi then many of the movies in the past decade.

[spoiler]Space travel is relativistic, space has weightlessness, there are no energy weapons, and so on. Even all the phenomena on Pandora are all thought out and explained, despite having some really amazing stuff happening there.[/spoiler]

But the main story is more conventional and easy to understand as Cameron also wants to, or rather have to, reach a big audience. Scifi fans should find enough goodness but may have to accept a not so exceptional or original story.


“This is great”



uncanny vally

I think most of the uncanny vally with avator comes from that fact that we have have never seen a 10 foot blue colored humanoid creature before. I would argue that if the avatar characters were real and standing right in front of you it would look unreal becuase we aren’t use to seeing it. Our brain is saying its not familiar with this, its trying to process and relate it to something we have seen. Once we see the the characters move , emote, interact it looks more human something that we are all use too, I think all of the uncanny vally talk will go away.


Well people could and have quoted gollum as an argument as to why this isn’t the reason. I think the difference is that the navi have so much more in common with humans in features and movement than gollum (who moved and looked completely different than humans). Therefore seeing the navi move and act like us brings a much harder feat to overcome that pesky uncanny valley. With that in mind I am still exited and very impressed with what I saw. Kudos to all who worked on it.