Got tickets for the AMC Burbank this Friday at 7:00. Can’t freaking wait.

Even though there have been some slightly disappointed reactions out there I’m pretty sure it’s still gonna blow my mind.


Im gonna be at the same show at the AMC Burbank 16 at 7:00pm too.

I going in cautiously optimistic. After so much talk and waiting this long for even just a teaser, I hope what I see just makes me shut the hell up and get excited about movies and visual effects again.


I didn’t know anyone here had seen the footage. Can you tell us a little more about it? This movie really lacks the opinion of a CG artist. The normal person’s opinion is pretty much always flawed, he doesn’t consider the design choices and the advances of the CG, he will without further thinking claim ‘‘This isn’t photoreal at all, it sucks’’.


Got tickets and heading there tomorrow, Friday in Australia, so I guess we will be one of the first to see it in the world. Any NZ’ers here? I believe they will be first.

Will post impressions after I see it.


wooo what was this :eek: …LOL … in the beginning i was all excited and when it ended i was like :surprised …


Got two tickets to a 7:00 showing here in Atlanta! The only letdown is that, according to Google, the venue is one of the “LIEMAX” big-but-not-THAT-big screens. It’s all the more disappointing as there are two genuine IMAX screens within driving distance, but they don’t seem to be participating. (Or maybe they sold out before I got to the site?)

Still, I’m excited! My only expectation is to see gorgeous visuals; any merits for story will count as bonus points points in my book.

DoubleSuperCool: I’m jealous, and I’m adding another reason to my “Why I’m Moving to Australia Someday” list. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to your impressions…


The Odeon in Wimbledon still got tickets. :)!

Just got two of them just a minute ago.


Some pics …


The trailers out in 4 hours … sit back and watch the apple servers shrivel up and pop!



Can’t wait to see the final version of the trailer :beer:
Almost there!


Looks like Wellington is the first as it was largely shot there.

Tickets in NZ are available only 45 minutes prior to the screening - what a bun fight that will be.

Details of screenings in NZ (Auckland and wellington) here



The teaser trailer has just come online, but… the links dont work :frowning:

Well done Apple :slight_smile:


Thats probably because EVERYONE is hitting reload every 2 seconds… :wink:


someone please do some witchcraft that allows a direct download link of that trailer in 1080p.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I already want to watch it for the second time.


It… It looks like Delgo…


Yerp, keep hitting refresh, come on apple, can’t be more than a few hundred, thousnd :S people trying to download it, sheesh. lol :surprised




I think some of the colour and lighting choices give it a bit of a stylised, digital, almost game cinematic look, I guess I would have preferred something a bit more gritty, but its still stunning stuff. Congrats to all involved. Totally hanging out to see the full movie in 3d.


breathtaking and eye watering :drool:

Forgot to say thanks for the link ChewyPixels


here’s working link : http://specials.divertissements.fr.msn.com/cinema/avatar/default.aspx
The CG is godd but not THAT good IMO. looks a bit cartoony.


Another working link : http://specials.divertissements.fr.msn.com/cinema/avatar/default.aspx