Yeh, I’d say he has little to worry about if his biggest competitor is himself.


Well, i’m excited to see the 15min preview as well as the whole film, but im still underwhelmed and a bit shocked by this trailer.

And if, as JC claims, the REAL renders look so much better then im a bit perplexed as to why he wouldnt show them. Or at least some of them. I mean, hes bigged this film and its cgi so much, then releases a half assed trailer…i dont get it.

What’s the point of putting (non cgi) people off a film 4 months before it comes out. My fiancee was excited about Avatar since i went on and on about it. And when she watched it she said , “…this looks rubbish”…And i have a feeling a LOT of people thought the same thing last friday.

But since so many people have said that it looked amazing on IMAX and the fact that JC is a fantastic filmmaker, i still am positive that it will be an amazing experience.

This trailer was not good though. Not in my opnion at least. All i could think of was Delgo all the way through.


If any of you missed out the preview, here’s the chance for redemption:

But it won’t beat a IMAX screen, that’s for sure.


Actually he said the recent renders looked better.

Now the quetion is, if they make a breakthrough, quality wise, do you think they will go back and re-render already finalled shots? I really doubt this. I mean, look at the clock. There are only so many days left…



I saw the 15 minutes preview and i’m not impressed. i think it’s the worst animation i ever saw. i could imagine the hard work from all the people involved but the results are painful. polar express blows this graphics out of the water. and it’s a 5 years old movie. i think the navi look like they have down syndrome or something like that. the face movments are stiff and unnatural, the body mocap a complete failure.

 I saw the 15 minutes preview and i'm not impressed. i think it's the worst animation i ever saw. i could imagine the hard work from all the people involved but the results are painful. polar express blows this graphics out of the water. and it's a 5 years old movie. i think the navi look like they have down syndrome or something like that. the face movments are stiff and unnatural, the body mocap a complete failure.

LOL,…i’m not sure we’ve looked the same 15 minutes.
The polar express reference made my day.
Funniest post ever.


Exactly… In case anyone would like to know, the movie begins

[spoiler]with a dystopian version of the Earth about 180 years into the future - an overpopulated, overpolluted, dying, grey planet. Even the human technology’s appearance is designed to fit into this dull, grim setting, with no energy weapons or space travel at light speed - in order to create a contrast with the wonders of the navi’s world.[/spoiler]


Damn! James Cameron, Weta with some already legendary guys on the team…
So I do know there ain’t no solid reason for those aliens/matrix APU gears, those “WOW generation” aliens…
I really wonder what the story line is about. All we see in this trailer is not there for no intelligent reason hun? I’m very impatient (actually have been waiting like 4 years or something? ^^) to finally see the movie. That makes me even more curious about the film. Like it is a real surprise, not what an old school fan could expect. Which is really cool!

So why? Why did they chooses this way, this style… ???

Is something around this : real/unreal, virtual world, immersion like in the Fahrenheit451 book - Avalon movie… Or will it be a bounce after Abyss statement? Or just a one more marines against extraterrestrial entertaining killthemall sequel? Nah… must be something. Damn I’m so curious!

Wonder how it’ll work with 3d view system. =D At least better than The Creature from the Black Lagoon ^^


Just one thing…

[spoiler]Actualy, they are using the same tech to control the mech, which is why the mech has the same number of limbs and a separate weapon.[/spoiler]


Are you kidding, it looks like the whole story is in the trailer!

(the list below is only based on the trailer, I haven’t read anything about the movie)

[li]Humans land on new planet (like Columbus in America), main character is in wheelchair.[/li][li]They catch some local “animals”, main character has his mind transferred to one of them (hence the title Avatar)[/li][li]Running around as an alien, main character falls in love with female local[/li][li]Main character sides with aliens, as human military invades planet[/li][/ul]Only remaining questions are, who dies, and do they fight off the invasion…

Planet Terra meets Pocahontas.

  • jonas


Yeah, guess you’re right. I didn’t want to read anything about it to get most surprise when first seeing it, spoiler free moment, but I finally started to read a bit here and there (Cameron interview from link in last page of this thread ^^), and I’m starting to be really scared about the story line :-/
What scares me most are two things: Cameron stating he wants to get the most possible audience possible, - not like every one do, which I do really respect (and wish I could do better too lol), but in that way he really wants to shoot like he did with titanic, which was not at all his best move AFAIC. Massiv attention from everybody nor “I wanna tell you this story”, which is a very though paradox to assume. That the first economical draw back risk.

Second is that marketing story about panasonic 3D TV article… So he really had to stay focused on the efficiency of this 3D effect nor the story telling?

I might have got it wrong finally. Nothing about technology used in the movie - 3d immersion in a virtual world, like in Fahrenheit 451 or Avalon. Looks more 1st degree story telling. Bah. Can still be an awesome movie. Guess I’ll stop talking and wait and see…

but still.
The movies name is “aAvatar”. So there must be something. I want to believe! ^^


I just skimmed through some 15 pages of replies, and wanted to pick up on the most funny ones. :wink: No offense meant to anyone, just a little giggling.

…soo, it doesn’t look like a game cinematic… but it does look like a game cinematic… because of the colors and art direction?

You’ve heard this kind of nonsense for years, but it’s still ridiculous. Photorealism doesn’t have anything to do with foreign fauna and species. What you’re saying is, as long as what you make is fantasy or sci-fi, any random Jim from the street can work on the lighting and shading, because no-one has seen it before anyway, so photorealism doesn’t matter? And you can get away with any quality character animation of a T-rex, because no-one has seen a living T-rex anyway? Blah.

  • Jonas


no one knows anything about the mines in the movie yet…so we can say therez still nothing shown in the trailer or in the 15 minutes footage…may be they’ll show it in second trailer…


actually avatar is the proof that the level of skills and talent in the cg industry is decreasing. at the time of jurassic park we had great talents that knew how to produce realistic images, today we have a bunch of talentless college graduates who know virtually nothing about lighting, compositing and rendering. and those guys work for the top cg companies: very sad


I really like style and design in this move. Almost as Cameron and Weta did it just for me. :slight_smile:


For all of you that figured out story. Sorry to burst your bubble. Invasion on Pandora was 2 years ago. Game Avatar is about that.


Gotta chime in about the typeface they used for the trailer. Sorry, but a typeface like Papyrus doesn’t belong anywhere NEAR a film of this level of quality and with a budget like this.

It’s just bad design.

Hopefully someone just threw that on the trailer real quick, and it won’t show it’s ugly face in the theatre, when everything is finalized.


To those sniggering at the font of Avatar - it is not Papyrus (sorry to burst your bubble). Granted it does look similar, but then there are thousands of fonts that look similar to the untrained eye.


Isn’t a type face just as good or crap, as the artist who uses it?

Personally i like it.


Jared’s right, you can compare here:


Just enter ‘AVATAR’ and hit ‘try it’ to see.


Who the hell cares it’s not Papyrus, it looks the same and evokes the same feeling of poor design.