Avatar Faceoff, Fabian Schlaga (2D)


Great image, I like the color and the mood, very cool!


Congrats for the front page!! :bounce:


Lovely image! I really like the way the insectoid thing draws your eye around the image. And the subdued palette works brilliantly against the little pool of light on the boy.

Excellent stuff!



Hey whoa, front page! Thanks a lot to whomever did that, that basically just made my day! Seriously, I’m very flattered right now. And a big thanks to all those who commented too! I’m really glad you all can enjoy this image.


hey fabian ich liebe avatar , echt geil man ! TOP !


Great painting. I love the subject. Wonderful composition and colours.


Nice work!
i thought i recognized it from the show even before i read your description, :thumbsup:



fantastic work

great atmosphere you created :slight_smile:



I really like this piece. Congrats on the front page exposure too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the closeups, they really do the piece more justice.


KsiKsu, danke mann, Avatar ist schon ne geile Serie. Ich dachte zuerst die wär überhaupt nichts für mich, aber da hab ich mich dicke getäuscht.

Poisen, thanks for that, that’s a great compliment.

Angry, I’m glad you think so!

Everybody else, thank you very much as well!


I really like that pic. Forms, colors, mood. Almost looks 3d in places.
I don’t watch tv and so I don’t know the series, but I did a quick google search and think you did a really great interpretation of the theme.


Really great!
Thank you to showing your wips too, they’re so interesting.


You just finished highschool? Congrats, cuz you are already masterclass. :slight_smile: Great work! Keep it up!

btw. Avatar rocks! :wink:


Congrats for the front page man!! you deserve it!


If you are a highschool grad you have a good future ahead of you.
This piece is impressive.


Well it was the German equivalent of highschool, which goes up till 13th grade for no reason, haha. Thanks for all the comments!


I remember that episode, for some reason that owl like, snake, centipede, creature freaked me out. Avatar should definetly be on Cartoon Network instead, good work. :slight_smile:


Wow this piece is just excellent! I think very few people are blessed wth this kind of talent -im so jealous! -Absolutely amazing!:thumbsup:


no problem.:slight_smile: the image definitely deserved it. though i have to admit, sometimes its hard to find a specific focus point. still a wicked image!. keep it up.


Nice and moody, excellent piece. I particularly like the texture on the large creature’s shell and the intricate details on the platform the smaller character is sitting on - those winding, rickety rope stairs and the contours of the earthen column are great.

Good job, keep it up!