Avatar Faceoff, Fabian Schlaga (2D)


Title: Avatar Faceoff
Name: Fabian Schlaga
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

This is a scene from the Nickelodeon show “Avatar” that I reconstructed with very extensive creative liberties (basically the only similarity is that these two characters meet), for those of you who don’t know what this is. And if you don’t, SHAME on you, because Avatar is a damn excellent show.
I started with this image probably two months ago, and had to put it on hold constantly for extended periods of time, because of other work. I thought that once I’d graduate from highschool I’d also have a lot more free time. This did, in fact, turn out not to be the case at all. But I had vowed to do more original finished pieces like this, and here we go.

Any and all comments very welcome! I hope you can enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Also, here is a larger version of the image, for those interested.


interesting work Fabian…:thumbsup:…nice moody palette and atmosphere.


Nice work. That’s really really excellent. I love the mood it brings.


Great work! Like waheednasir said, the palette and the atmosphere are excellent. I love it!


Really fantastic. And like they’ve already said, the lighting and colors are great, I love the somber atmosphere.


Woot! Another Avatar watcher!

Anyways, is he supposed to look so sinister? And I haven’t seen the snake thingy yet. Anything to spoil for me?


awesome. i really like it and it reminded me that i wanted to buy some avatar DVD’s this weekend. kepp up the cool work.


Thanks for the replies peoples! I’m really glad you like the textures and the mood, since those are probably the two parts I spent the most time working on.

Xepptiz: the shadow on his face makes him look kind of somber, but if you check the high res you’ll see he’s actually not showing any emotion at all. And you’ll find out why once you watch the episode, haha!
Banzai: good call, I should probably order those two. Man I love that show.

Thanks again!


nice work!! i like it:love:


Yesn great pict ! I see this anime, and your illustration keep same environment and light. Good i like it :slight_smile:


This is so great! I love that creature and idea, composition with light is fantastic. Congratz 4stars


Thanks again! I’m glad you folks enjoy this piece.


I don’t know if anybody is interested, but here are some close up shots:


And some work in progress shots I took. These really aren’t that great though, they really just serve the purpose of maybe giving a little insight on how I work (and how much I rely on digital media by now…):


Thanks again!


!!! I just started watching this today, and I am completely amazed how good it is. And this! It’s beautiful, I wish it was bigger for me to see more detail, but I love the lighting.


Just fantastic:)

The composition is very engaging and the design is very cool.

I think that the small size of this obviously very invested image takes allot from the richness.
The lighting and haze effect on the monk is slightly overpowering IMO, making it a bit hard to read.

other than that it’s top notch

5 wonderful stars from me.




Hey thanks Aryneth, glad you’re digging the image!

Grimmer, thanks too! Did you check the higher res version at the end of the link in the first post? Or did you mean that even that one is a bit small?


The textures, contrast and mood is amazing. Great work


That is super sweet! A well-deserved front page plug. Congrats. :slight_smile:


Just lovely work. THe lighting and the textures are just wonderful. And thanks for posting the larger pic, WIPs, and close-ups - really appreciated!


Yes I noticed the his res images after I posted, and it’s even more beautiful up close. Wonderful job!