Hi All,

The scene is entirely made with Blender (model-render-composited). I made several versions but I’m not satisfied… Colors, lightning, something do not match and i don’t see it. All criticisms are welcome.


You have maybe to add more fog… It’s like a tropical plants and atmosphere… need lot of water in the air… i think.

Is the tribal suit bump? or dipslacement or normal? Maybe try to make it displacement for them. They will catch more the lights.

Maybe the tree need that displacement too… but They are far away.


The bump has been made with a normal map. That’s right, displacement will catch more the lights.
Fog and water would be nice too…

Well, i’ve got some work to do :wink:


Also the face of the soldiers are a bit glowing… Feel like to helmet have a light in it. Maybe try fix that too.

I like the rainforest… but if you don’t imagine you scene so tropical… don’t use so much fog.

It’s feel weird to have snow mountain in the background when you have Tropical plants in the front. Personal notice…

I feel this is for a book :wink:


It’s looking nice, I love the design of the tree… things.

I think, overall there is too much contrast and the eye isn’t really being led around the image in a pleasing manner. I would suggest re-working the lighting to help make this image more cohesive.

To me, the bright background isn’t really adding anything, I would darken that right down and put a lot more haze in there.

I’d have some nice shafts of sunlight, piercing through the trees, highlighting some areas but keeping the rest in darkness. You could, for instance, have a shaft highlight the foreground dude and maybe one of the jellyfish things.


@Scote : Thanks for your references pictures, that make me realize the lack of coherence in my picture. It’s not really for a book, but you’re close to it : it was a try to make a cover (but the book only exist in my head).

@Kev3D : Thanks for your precise and constructive advices. All your points are now on my todo list. I’ll post an update soon !


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