Autumn Road, Frank Willeke (3D)


Title: Autumn Road
Name: Frank Willeke
Country: Turkey
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, VRay
Submitted: 15th May 2009

This a road on which I would like to drive an open car.
Colorful trees, small ponds, a little hill… what a fun it must be to go there :slight_smile:

Landscape was created using a beta version of my new plugin, the same applies to the distribution of trees, rocks and shrubs. The road material is completely procedural, textures for rocks and fallen leaves were made from photos. Trees and shrubs were taken from the Xfrog Public Plants collection.

Rendering was done in CINEMA 4D R11.027 and VrayForC4D 1.1. Postwork was applied in Photoshop CS2. Total render time was about 1.5 hours in 1920px width, polycount is 259,235,384.


stunning render.


work & reallty is very good but where is the idea ???

good luck 4 ever :beer:


The idea is “This a road on which I would like to drive an open car.”

Do images always have to have a story? Does a photograph of a landscape have a story?
It’s just a piece of my phantasy visualized :wink:


Looks really good, I understand your feeling.

Only the water is to bumpy, you would expect that in an ocean but not in a small pond/lake.
So i guess only the water needs some adjustment in my opinion.


Yeah, I know.
Noticed it, too, after posting the image :frowning:

Maybe I’ll render one more time, with a besser water material.


OK, confirmed :wink:
New rendering is already in the cue.


post it when ready :slight_smile:


Will do :slight_smile:


You will sell your plugin or it will be free ? :slight_smile:



…great job frank! i like it :cool:


Thanks. I hope you will :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been hard work for several months… I will sell it :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, I improved the water (better waves + transparency +absorption), and changed some other minor things.
Image in the Portfolio/Gallery had been updated, but it doesn’t seem to appear here in the forums (this is still the older version).

So here is the link to the new version:
Autumn Road



great work man! :thumbsup:


nice job dude! I guess my cars would love to meet your road :wink: keep up.


i love your edited version… a real nice one… :thumbsup:


great work !!! :thumbsup:


I’m glad you guys like it :slight_smile:


Congratulations for the publication of this image in the gallery of the latest issue of 3DWorld. Double page and image of the month ! :thumbsup:


Oh really, it’s Image of the month?
I should get this issue :smiley:

Thanks for notifying me!