Autumn Gateway, Martin Hedenstroem (3D)


Title: Autumn Gateway
Name: Martin Hedenstroem
Country: Australia
Software: Carrara, Photoshop

Not exactly my latest work - I did this one back in May but thought it was worthy of posting to my gallery.

The scene was entirely modeled and set-up in Carrara 6 with some help from Carrara 7 for UV mapping. Used a lot of reference photos to try and get the vegetation looking like an authentic Japanese tea garden or “Chaniwa”.


very nice! I want to be there…
My only (little) crit is that the roof seems to be very clean compared to the other textures… welldone!


beautiful scene, nice textures and render. well done.


Very aesthetic piece with beautiful autumnal mood. Just gorgeous!


Like always, very good. I really like the vegetation and the leaves look very well done.


I’ve always admired your attention to detail in your carrara works-this is no execption! The lighting is spot on, and I can definitely tell you’ve put a lot of work into this piece. I have no crits in this-I’ve seen many photos of gardens, and you’ve captured this perfectly in my view.

Fantastic work. :thumbsup:


A very nicely constructed scene. Well done.
Are the trees and shrubs native Carrara models or XFrog?


Nice scene, nice textures, nice lighting and render, but I agree that the roof tiles look a little too clean. Maybe could use a little bit of moss on them. Other than that, excellent job!


Stunning. Nothin to comment.


Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

Nearly all of the plants (except some of the ones edging the pond) were created using the Carrara plant modeler. It has some advantages and some disadvantages over using X-Frog but for this scene it did most of what I needed.


well done! chinese classic style…


Nice scene. :applause:


Wow this is looking great. Amazing lighting and great materials. I also like the pov.

Great realistic work! Thumbs up!

Cheers Silverwing


Great work


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