Automotive Marketing images







Hello Everyone,

The images depict the progress and the final renders of my latest Automotive Marketing images .

I’ve used 3ds Max, V-Ray, AMD graphics card and Photoshop to finalize them. The 3d car model used was Tesla.

External Night shot: One HDR image was used for both, reflections and light source, with a road (vray matte object ) to capture the shadows and the reflections.

Furthermore, I’ve matched the HDRI camera angle and it’s shutter speed (noticeable on the lady and man in the background) .

The final tweaking was done in post to boost up the car and the overall image.

Interior Studio lighting render: I’ve used similar lighting rigs to those used in real photography (i.e. soft light on top and floodlights around the car to capture key car details/features.

Because I didn’t want to physically model the entire studio set, I’ve used a studio HDR image, for reflections only.

For materials/finishes, I’ve used the v-ray car paint shader (main car body), metal procedural maps/shaders, glass and a complex vray blend procedural map with displacement for the studio floor.

Photos were used as references for the camera angle, lighting and most materials/surfaces.
I hope you like the final result.

Finally, these images will be part of New Courses/Tutorials about the meticulous process involved in the creation of Automotive Marketing Images.

They will be available next week, and hope you find them useful for your current and upcoming projects.

Kind Regards