Automaton, Kazuhiko Nakamura (3D)


Title: Automaton
Name: Kazuhiko Nakamura
Country: Japan
Software: (Other), Photoshop

This surreal robot is torture machine disguised as an antique mannequin.
Two heads are changed images of “before and after”.
I wanted to create a character like a puppet film of “Jan Svankmajer” and “Brothers Quay”.
Modeled and rendered in Shade, and used “Total textues CD” for the texture mapping.


Excellent work - amazing craft and detail. A nice homage to Jan Svankmajer (a true master). All your images tell a story. Right now I’m wondering who the mad inventor is and what kind of conversation these robots are having. Love the buzzsaw tongue.


it made my mouth open at the first glimps. NICELY DETAILED !


no doubt: 5starzzzz :thumbsup: :applause:


WOOOOOOOOOOW 5 stars :bounce::surprised:surprised


Beautiful work, very complex and mysterious… :applause:


awww that is stunning


Excellent… and very original.


Absolutely, you level of detail are just amazing.


Perfect, awesome details :bounce:
I wonder what 3D software you used for this model ??


really great work man,congrats.


wow high quality work there well done


Wow scary!
Love your work!
So surprising as disturbing, horrifying and attractive. And I also appreciate the intimist aspect which your stakes in light give, we feel locked with your works, it is funny, as if they were whispered with restraint, and not roared.
Modelling is very meticulous, work of patience…
Congrats and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


man … Thats amazing … wowww :bounce:


amazingly scary and surreal! :bowdown:


Beautiful work, I’m a huge fan of the Brothers Quay…do you look at the photographic work of Michiko Kon at all? A brilliant, dark photographer who often uses fish in her work…just curious, as the two of you share some sensibilities, particularly with respect to the incorporation of a photographic look to your pieces.

I’m definitely a fan! Great work!




wonderfully concepted and detailed! excellent! one more 5 star vote!


*awesome work!:beer:


Surreal… :arteest:

Authentic surreal, congratulations! :thumbsup: It is hard to achieve and find good surreal artwork today!
Very expressive, breaks the rational mind, artistically well executed, what else to say? 5 Stars!


I want one…Very nice! torture device eh’ well now, I know a couple people who could be gini pigs for that…muahahahahaha…But very very nice work…i liked it alot…Great detail…just WOW!