automatic mapping a moveable object


Ok, I did a search to see if this topic was covered and I didn’t come up with much. I’ve found that in Maya 7, when I do an automatic mapping, then I try to move the object, the UV information goes haywire. The texture moves and gets all messed up. On a couple occasions, I did searches here to try to find a solution. I never found one, so I decided to explore the problem on my own before asking questions. I find I learn a lot more about the program that way. So, anyway, this is a spoiler :stuck_out_tongue:

Solution: select the object that’s auto-mapped and open the hypershade. Map the input and output connections of the object. Browse through all the nodes and find all of the ones labeled “polyAutoProj#”. You can’t delete these nodes, or the UV info goes crazy again. But you can delete the “polyAutoProj.manipMatrix” output connection to the poly shape. Simple fix. Move your object around, do a little dance with it. The UV’s stay put. happy happy :slight_smile:

I hope this is useful to someone out there. Have a nice day!


After doing your mapping, delete history (or delete non-deformer history if your mesh is already skinned or otherwise deformed).


This also happens when you have a deformer (rig, lattice…) applied before you mapped your object. However, you can change this by selecting your object and doing a RMB and selecting inputs->all inputs. Now you can change the order of your input operations. Just drag your mapping with the MMB below your deformation input.

That should fix most problems, however the deletion of the matrix is worth a look, looks like you cripple the projection and thereby your problem is solved.


I’ve always just duplicated the object and used poly->Transfer UVs. Works for me.


Thank your for taking the time to explain this.
Much appreciated :slight_smile:


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