Automated photo-strip


Hi all

Is there a way to automate a sequence of100+ images side-by-side horizontally (like a strip) in Photoshop without having to manually move them in place (which Contact Sheet requires). Any suggestion would be appreciated.




I would also like to know!

Also… It would be IMMENSELY helpful to know a technique to automate this kind of action:

  • set up specific canvas size
  • select all sprites/pictures/photos/whatever needed
  • click one button
    = and it would automatically arrange + scale all images to fit precisely into that canvas size.

I have seen a glimpse of some software that does automatic sprite sheets in some making-of video… But no one ever answered to me about what was the name of the program.


Since I haven’t found an easy way to do this in Photoshop, I’ve used IrfanView’s panorama function for this (under “Image” -> “Create panorama image…”). The only downside is that it doesn’t support the images’ alpha channels (so I “stacked” the color and alpha channels separately).

Still, there are Photoshop scripts for this:


Mother of god! Those PS scripts are great! Thank you!!

EDIT: Uuuuuu-yeaaaa!! Easy sprite sheets from image sequence! Thank you so much!


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