Automated Facial Rig Plugin/Script for Max - Recommendations???...


Hi all… I’m trying to get into facial rigging the easy way by using a plugin or script that automates the majority of the process for me… It needs to be for 3ds max and at the moment I’m deciding between ‘Auto Advanced N-Facial Rig’ and XRayCat ST… Unsure how automated XRayCat is but I tinkered with a Maya script called ‘Slap-On’… you position all key bones/markers, press a button and presto!.. a basic industry standard rig!!! … I pretty much want the equivalent for Max.
Dont know if my approach is all wrong but I’m a rookie to face rigging, not to mention lazy as @#$! & cant be bothered tediously manipulating vertice by vertice to create a facial morph target (which I believe you need quite a few for all expressions!)…
…So i figure the easy way is to rig the face and edit the rig to your desired target??..Any suggestions people??.. I’m trigger happy on the cc to buy one… like yesterday!


I am about to release an automated rigging/mocap plugin for 3ds max called ‘Rig Vadar’.
It creates a bone based rig and then allows you to make morph targets and use the rig to activate them.
It also has a basic mocap solution that allows you to move the rig using a video source very easily.
If you are interested in beta testing, PM me.


Coming Soon!


Most definitely I’d be interested. I work during week but can tinker over the weekend. When can you send it my way??.


Looks great…how long is soon??


I am searching for a solution to enable morph based facs animation of a face using mocap data. Having built a photogrammetry rig I have built a model and am in the process of creating the relevant facs based morph targets from scans. To date I have used bone based facial animation. I am mainly looking for a solution to rig the face and control the rig with mocap data in bvh format (or even through max tracking objects). Is this something your plugin would enable ? If so I too would be keen to beta test it for you.


Don’t waste your time with floatingworld… he’s just a tease… … I question how much an expert he really is with his !?
He had to be taking the piss to be calling his script ‘Vadar Rig’ (Its spelt ‘Vader’ floatingturd;)