Autodesk's 3dsmax9 splash screen, pascal blanché (3D)


Title: Autodesk’s 3dsmax9 splash screen
Name: pascal blanché
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I know this one is a bit old too, but ive never got the chance to get feedbacks on it :wink:
Likw for the last pict ive submitted, the idea was to turn the logo into a little scenery
comments welcomed!


3Ds Max is always known by your name…


i see this picture every day… :applause:
Thanq man
5 stars


I’m never tired of see it, always keep staring at it looking for new details, the scene looks tense, I mean he have two giant snakes in front of him , but at the same time I think the use of colors make it a very relaxing and beautiful piece, I just love it, Congratulations

~ G. Valerio


I miss seeing this everyday :frowning: The Max 2008 splash bugs me- it looks like it has some strange mesh errors or something.

I love your image. Great job, fantastic render, really loved looking at it. Inspirational. They may as well just hire you to do all the splash screens :slight_smile:


Yeah,me too missing this…beautiful use of colors :thumbsup:
is this ur concept or the idea(the snakes and all)was provided by Autodesk?
Good luck,as always,the best from Pascal :scream:


the theme was an illustration around their logo ( like the one i made for motionbuilder)
i worked with one of their art directors ( michiel Shriever) but the concept idea is mine.
I was totally free to create whatever i wanted, he just restrained me a bit on the “weapons” the guy is handling, to remove any idea of violence from the scene


Great work, and very nice idea as always…


I remember it :slight_smile: Excellent work :thumbsup:


Gorgeous, Iconic, memorable work. It’s nice to see actual art work as opposed to only the cold, hard, but slick branding, with the nice typography (Iguess). Wow. the beancounters can really influence presentation. At least this was inspiring to see while the 'gram loaded.


When I first started 3Ds Max 9, I thought, “Wow, cool Picture” . Nicely done. So it was you… Congraz.


Excellent work!


Wonderful work man!:thumbsup:


Excellent image. Very good interpretation for the 6 logo in something artistic.
Thank you for showing us the complete image because the original splash screen is clipped at the bottom and top.


haha! i agree 100%!


awesome work pascal…

really i think the best i have seen from your for a long time…

great stuff…


this splash screen is my favourite I used max9 still cool work :wink: Keep it


still enjoing this every day when I open max :slight_smile: great job!


>_< :shrug:


Hey Pascal, beautiful piece ! They remind me Orochimaru’s friends hahah :wink:
Are you gonna make another one for max 2009 :slight_smile: ?