Autodesk User Group


Does anybody knows when and were the Autodesk User group is going to be? I can’t find information anywhere. They should be out by now…


The only official information is for the MasterClasses. Watch for in the parties thread. The user group meeting will most probably be on Tuesday.


My Tarot cards and exceedingly huge clairvoyance suspects monday … but I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong once before (it was in may 1972).



I think you’re right. This whole thing about now running from Monday to Friday has gotten me confused!


The Maya events are always some of the best. I miss the Agua label, now it’s just Autodesk Event, which is cool but it will never be as cool as the Agua meetings from just a couple years back.


Def want to hit up the maya events.


The Autodesk User Group Registration will be at 5 to 6:30 pm on Monday, the 11th, in the Shrine Auditorium, wherever that is I actually am not sure. the User group is 6:30 to 9 pm, then the party is 9 pm to Midnight, with an open bar to 11. There’s a forum somewhere on here with a list of Parties you can sign up for, I’m not sure where though.


Here it is:

SIGGRAPH 2008 parties and events thread

Shrine Auditorium is a couple of miles south of downtown, next to USC.


IT WAS AWESOME!! …and I’m spent. Gnight. zzzzzzzz


Cool, anything huge at the meeting that would be interesting for everyone?

How was the 3d stereo presentation, did it show anything new and exciting?


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