Autodesk Stingray game engine



Not a chance in hell that this will ever take off. Not only are they competing with free, production proven, and widely adopted platforms such as Unity and Unreal, they also expect users to pay for the privilege of being locked into their ecosystem of software? No thanks.


Well… Maybe they won’t be able to compete with Unity or UE right from the start. But with the userbase AD alreadz has, they can reach many many people very fast.

And if the connection to Maya and Max is good, why not give it a try? Of course, the pricing has to be comparable to the alternatives. Is there a pricing scheme available somewhere?

And I actually like node based programming a lot. And to be honest, I don’t like several aspects of Unity. Never tried UE, though.

The rendering doesn’t look too bad. Here are some more videos:

EDIT: Oh, the link also says, that the pricing is $30/month incl. MayaLT. Not bad, but also not great.


not into gaming, but this don’t look that bad…


What can I get as Unity user? Subscription and update once per year. :buttrock: But any competition is great for another engines.


If you are more into design/architecture:


Not sure if that comment was for Stingray.
But we are on a 45 day update cycle for Stingray.
So new release is aimed once every 45 days.

And of course you can get source access.
Then you can update your GIT more frequently.


Nothing is locked to 3dsMax or Maya.
That was actually pretty important.
We have had beta users use Stingray in combination with Blender for example.

Of course we will try to get a good workflow between Max/Maya/Revit etc.
But we are not locking anybody out.


I agree that it’s gonna be hard to compete with established free game engines. BUT…

If ADSK can think out of the box and turns this product into a nextgen realtime 3D animation toolset that merges both asset creation for film/media/archviz “+” game dev, than and only than, this could get interesting.

Sort of like Flame, merges compositing editing and finishing in a single package.


45 day update cycle sounds great! I assumed that it will be same as another Autodesk softwares. But also very important for mobile devices are Ads services and Google play services or Game center integration for iOS.


Very interested in this in previz terms. If I can use it as a real time renderer for Maya I will be happy.


Like we will not stop having perpetual licenses ?
Like the “future of Softimage is bright” ?

Nothing is locked yet because you are the underdog, until you aren’t and then it is.


There is no LIKE button anywhere, so I will just :thumbsup: this post.


I also like how none of the 3 interior renderings on the autodesklivedesign page are rendered in Stingray.


I could not care less about games or VR for that matter…
But I loved to have a gameEngine that I can use for previz with a nice connection to maya


I’m not sure that was the point.
The point was to show the real-time visualization of the Revit/3dsMax content in Stingray.
And the video shows that.

The images are final render still shots.
I think it was made pretty clear those are rendered in a software renderer and not somebody trying to trick you.


looks really rather good to me.



Looks like UE4 but only that it doesn’t need intermediary format for import and export.
However, I believe UE4 is already Maya-integrated out of the box.

Stingray also claims to excel at multiplatform simultaneous testing. Fine.
But are both those features worth 30 USD a month?

Update: Autodesk announced Stingray will be bundled with Maya LT. You can get both for 30 USD a month over the normal 20 USD a month for Maya LT alone. I guess if you want Maya and Stingray together so badly, that’s the deal for you.

P.S.: A major problem I see here is that other than if a studio is totally dependent on Autodesk, this may not actually work with a number of indie devs already using layouts comprised of Blender, Unity, Unreal, and even CryEngine. There’s also custom, third party downloadable Import/Export integrators such as CryBlend for integrating Blender with CryEngine… So not sure if Stingray is simply coming in too late in the game to make a difference.


I actually do think this is what I have been waiting for :slight_smile:


[QUOTE]A major problem I see here is that other than if a studio is totally dependent on Autodesk, this may not actually work with a number of indie devs already using layouts comprised of Blender, Unity, Unreal, and even CryEngine.[QUOTE]

From someone over at polycount who i assume works for AD

It is open to everybody.
We had people using Blender exclusively on our beta forum.

And your last comment, Autodesk seems very dedicated to this product. We have a large team of experienced people who themselves are happy to try and cut through the occasion “autodesk BS” when needed.