Autodesk software rental license plans


[left]After Seeing Adobe lauched Adobe Creative Cloud with new Subscriptions, Autodesk has changed plan pricing also by launching software rental license plans. Autodesk software rental license plans allow you to use Autodesk software for a specified period of time—monthly, quarterly, or annually—with the option to renew. For Example if you use 3dsmax you have to pay $195 per month or $1,840 per year .


so it has finally started :hmm:


No love or options for Softimage. No surprise.


Interesting. Autodesk doesn’t seem to be as serious about enticing people to the rental option as Adobe are, based on their prices:

Adobe master collection - buy: $2599 // cloud (rent): $50/mo (annual contract)
Autodesk Maya - buy: $3675 // rent: $154/mo (annual contract)

In other words, even though the cost to buy Maya outright is only 41% more than buying Master Collection outright, renting Maya costs over 300% more than renting Master Collection. :frowning:

By the way, here’s a direct link to Autodesk’s page about this:


Which is nice when you think about it simply because it looks like AD is not going full cloud with it. I’m one of those that won’t rent it. I’ll wait till new version has changes significant enough to actually buy it (usually around 2-3 years from my experience).
I’m not a fan of rent options but I know that many studios are super excited about it.


Yeah it is. although right now we still have 2 options to choose perpetual or rental but not sure when they will stop perpetual option like Adobe!


Looks like Softimage will be joining Composite and Matchmover in the corner there pretty soon.


Clearly aimed at studios, which is a shame, but it’s their ball game I guess.

But what are “cloud credits”?

Page 5 of the pdf FAQ:

2.5 How do I purchase more cloud credits?
If you need more credits, click on “Get more cloud credits” on the Usage Report page. This will take you to do the checkout to purchase 100-packs.

And why do they make me think of smurf berries?


Looks like Softimage will be joining Composite and Matchmover in the corner there pretty soon.

I feel bad because I didn’t notice that softimage was left out :frowning:
Its either softimage is headed in the direction of the applications mentioned above or they
just prefer to keep it in the suites. Whatever the plan is, leaving it off the list doesn’t look good.


okay there must be someone stupid enough to put their hand and say…“yeh i’ll rent autodesk apps”

…here’s me thinking that autodesk is RUN by accountants…but looks like they can only divide by 2 from rrp…

who exactly is this aimed at?
12 month rental looks completely stupid idea unless you’re having trouble burning money. :banghead:

crazy prices…simple as that…is this April 1st?


What if you need to hire 10 heads for 10 months and they all need full software?
$36.000 (in theory here I bet you would get some discount with volumes like that) or $18K?
It makes a lot of sense actually.


This is a good deal for time limited projects, no more idle licences once the project is done. Though probably bring the vaseline if you are based in Europe.


I actually think those prices are reasonable. But the absence of Softimage scares the hell out of me. Only software in Autodesk portfolio with relatively modern and healthy core, and it looks like it is slowly heading the Toxik/Composite direction.


and at 12months a 1 day you are back to ZERO seats :surprised
where’s the inevestment for the future of the company? :wip:

your projection is for a company that folds up shop after 10 months…brilliant! :arteest:

buying some additional maya LT seats make more sense if you need maya modellers for an indie project, at least you still have seats after 12 months and it’s cheaper.


I’m talking about a company that needs to expand on per project basis.
Maya now and maybe even maya later on but newer version for 5 seats. Add that and you’re still on top that is after TWO successful (or not) projects.
With 2-3 permanent seats perpetual is a no brainer, after that it’s just math.


I can’t believe Siftimage is not on the list. Why???


Exactly. The prices, though not the greatest, are OKAY. It’s simply a matter of income flow, and not spending more than necessary at any given time. So while this may not work great over the long term, it’s actually good for unstable markets.


As much as I love a good Autodesk bashing, I find it hard to complain about this move.

There is bound to be someone in a situation where rental is more worth while, and as long as it’s an additional option, and not instead of perpetual licensing, you can only benefit.


rental pricing is aimed at medium sized studios and up only then and is really best served on a less than 12 month deal in boosting up a few seats.

It’s certainly not mass appeal like Adobe rental.


That pricing is quite attractive to studios of any size that need to quickly add a couple seats of Maya/Max etc towards the end of the project, which happens quite often.

If you look at it through the eyes of a freelancer then yea it is not really attractive.