Autodesk Releases Maya LT For Indie Game Developers


Maya LT is available immediately for both OSX and Windows at a price of $795 for a perpetual license. Term licenses are available as part of a monthly, quarterly or annual rental plan in the near future, starting at $50, $125 and $400, respectively.


look’s like it wasn’t suppose to be announced today :smiley:

Anyway, with a 25k poly limitation on FBX export, no python, no MEL and at 795$.
for me it’s nearly useless…


What’s the logic of not having Python and Mel included?


Same stuff here


Wait, other than this limitation, EVERYTHING else is in this LT version? For only $795?

Man, I love Cinema4D, but this is cheaper than Cinema4d Prime (and you’d need the 3,650 studio version to get similar features to Maya) maybe I’ll start thinking about Maya again…


yeh the main product pages on do not list Maya LT as yet.

Looking forward to seeing exactly what is left out of the specs for this price bracket from the horses mouth so to speak!

store page


Given how much has changed I hope they keep that LT version around. I’d hate to jump into Maya and then have them drop it 18 months from now.


if i knew they were going to take that tomshardware link down i would have grabbed the info on what you actually get. i did find something on this site

What exactly do you give up for that savings? Well, here is where things get a bit tricky.

[li]Does not support external renderers; cannot render ‘scenes’ or animations[/li]> [li]No MEL support, and currently no plugin support or SDK.[/li]> [li]Export to FBX format of up to 25,000 polygons per scene (but the .mlt format allows denser meshes within Maya LT)[/li]> [/ul]


Those are some big limitations, but I can’t be surprised at the pricepoint. Wouldn’t no plugin support make developing for games a bit harder?


for modelling assets, levels and characters it would be okay and it supports the game shaders so in a mixed studio of maya and mayaLT where some artist don’t require a renderer or scripting it might save a ton of cash on licences.

Also if Maya LT supports playblasts you could also create in game cutscenes without the need of a renderer as such.


I’m no game developer, but what’s the point in making a “Maya for Indie game developers” version… And then limiting how much data you can export to a game engine and the methods in which you can do it? Isn’t that actually the exact opposite of what they should be doing in a version that is specifically marketed towards people who will be trying to get their data into a game engine?


edited out because of dumbness :surprised


we need to wait until we can read what is the defacto differences in the LT version form autodesk rather than 404 pages long gone!


Reminds me of what they tried a few years back with that free version of max for custom game content (gmax if i remember correctly… only this time its not free.


you can check the feature list here (in french) i’ve made a quick translation (sorry for my bad english)

  • complete support of all maya modeling tools ;
  • Hypershade avaible ;
  • ShaderFX to create HLSL shaders, CgFx is included ;
  • export to FBX limited to 25 000 polygon’s per scene. .mlt Format (Maya LT format) allow to overcome this limitation ;
  • support of .ma, .mb, .mlt, OBJ et FBX ;
  • support of BMP, PNG, DDS, EXR, TGA, et TIFF ;
  • export normal maps ;
  • skeleton builder ;
  • HumanIK ;
  • DirectX 11 in viewport, with shading ;
  • éclairage complet, illumination globale ;
  • texture baking with Turtle ;
  • 2D sprites rendering ;
  • no external renderer;
  • no MEL support no plugins support. No SDk, No Python support.


If you had the full scripting support nothing would prevent you from enabling full export capabilities, at which point many 3.5k seats would get instantly replaced by this :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that a lot of places that resented the single license model switch some time ago would instantaneously hop across if they could export animation/point caches from this. The license unification was presented as unlimited coming down in price when it really was complete, which made up 80% of the seats wherever I worked, almost doubling.

Add scripting support and suddenly a lot of Maya animation seats on a lot of movies and games become 50 bucks a month for half a year a pop instead of 3.5k seat sales every year (more outside the States) and 4digit a year maintenances in the thousands.


I don’t think I’ve ever actually used Maya without any scripts or plugins. What’s it like I wonder, any good? Has anyone used a totally stock Maya? :slight_smile:

Also google cached the tomshardware link:,news-45276.html+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us


I bet you they are losing a lot of market share to cheaper alternatives particularly in the game space since the game engines do so much and with a program like Maya there is bunch of fluff that you really don’t need for making games…

Since there is no rendering can you even bake textures?


Because this is an early news leak it lacks a lot of context.

I hear it was supposed to be a soon to come Unity centric announcement (at least in the where/when), so maybe wait a day or two before you speculate if you want a little bit more context than just knowing it exists :slight_smile:


Yea Unite starts tomorrow so we should have official info then.

Speaking of Unite, anyone here going? We should have a meetup.