Autodesk no show at Siggraph 2013?


Actually this is probably the best way for the conference burn out and renew itself to the the way it was in the early 2000’s. The same thing happened with E3. For a lot of years game companies stopped showing up at E3, but then all of the TV, smartphone, computer, electronic gadget and toy companies took over, expanded it’s presence and now the game companies are back and it’s exciting again. Pixologic is going to run wild, probably with ZB5, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of rendering solutions make some big news.


Missed last years but prior I found the papers and most talks I went too quite informative, and I subscribe to a membership in the local vancouver siggraph chapter as they run several good presentations each year. Most recent was both Scanline and DD talking about their work on Ironman 3. Nice to see how two different studios worked on the same movie and handling the consistency of their own versions of the same assets etc.

As for autodesk missing siggraph, they did a lot of marketing and presentations for their new line earlier this year, so perhaps they feel it wiser not to spend tonnes of money on designing a booth and flying everyone and having them stay in hotels and charging their dinner and travel costs etc etc simply to present what they’ve already demonstrated. A few representatives showing at partner booths and a user group is cost effective while still helping those partners in their presentations/demos and getting the word out about their products. I don’t think companies need to always have a big booth every year at siggraph unless they choose to announce around the same time since Autodesks releases have recently gotten further away from the siggraph date it is less beneficial to them.


Bought my personal copy of Zbrush at Siggraph Vancouver, as long as you are running conference specials, people will buy :slight_smile:
I have to congratulate Pixologic on doing it the right way. Price a product at $500 (sale special), show industry demo’s from feature films, and just make art with Zbrush = sold.

Autodesk had some fantastic talks, and I wish the timetables between AD/Pixologic/Tech paper talks was more forgiving, so its best to go as a group and take notes + share.

Still waiting for Autodesk to offer subscription model like Adobe cloud (as an option!). Would suit freelancers who like to change between disciplines and not work in one package all year :wink:


Trade shows are increasingly irrelevant for this very reason:

From Autodesk site:
“For those who can’t make it to Anaheim, you can follow us here on AREA, where we’ll be posting content daily.”

That said, don’t forget Autodesk has their own trade show now. They have been slowly adding more of the media and entertainment courses/panels so perhaps they have just outgrown Siggraph.


It also used to be that the products in the Autodesk arsenal would be attempting to do a release -or at least do an announce- to coincide with SIGGRAPH. Now Autodesk has those products release cycles insync with each other - but out-of-sync with SIGGRAPH…


Just to confirm. Yes, Autodesk will not be exhibiting on the showfloor with its own booth this year. Instead we will be holding a user event (here). We will also be demoing on partner booths and will have engineers attending the actual conference. This year we changed our event strategy launching our 2014 releases virtually on AREA (here) as this is more effective at reaching our customers worldwide. Also, our product roadmaps no longer align to events like SIGGRAPH and as a publicly-traded company we are limited as to what we can talk about outside of our fiscal quarters. Without product news the effectiveness of exhibiting is limited and given that, we would prefer to invest in online and user events. Going forward you are far more likely to hear major product news online, as soon as its ready, and not necessarily at a tradeshow. It’s no secret it has been a tough time for the industry in general. People are travelling less, and while tradeshows remain important we also have to make some tough choices as to where we invest and why. Many have asked us to bring back the user event and so this year we thought we would invest here instead.

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Thank you autodesk, for your responce.Communication to your costumers have been an issues in the past. This is the kind of issues that can paint you in a bad light if you dont come out and get infront if it. I would definitely be ‘Tuning-in’ to see what Autodesk has to show. a OpenGL 4.0 viewport wold be nice.


having events covered via video for internet consumption is a great idea, no travelling but you still get to see the cool stuff. :applause:


For those who missed the show and Autodesk’s User Event you can read my report here…

Be sure to check out the comments section :slight_smile:


Wow that was gold. Thanks for posting that.


Any reports of what was announced or shown at the event? Besides just the Naiad part?


Vines, man. Lots of vines.


Holy crap that was depressing. :cry:


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