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This would seem to be a good thing for Mudbox, but AutoDesk doesn’t have the best track record for acquiring companies and then incorporating the new tech in it’s other software, especially as compared to Pixologic and Sculptris. We never saw Alias Hotbox gestures incorporated in Max, and software companies acquired to put together Combustion was put to rest as Combustion was discontinued among others. The company, PolyTools was great software, but had a cluttered interface before it was aquired, and arguably still has a cluttered interface now as Graphite Modeling tools.

My point being that even if AutoDesk does use this great new software, I wouldn’t count on a mind bending implementation the way that Zbrush uses Scultpris tech.


ryan is workign for Autodesk since years… so its no suprise…


I hate ADSK as much as anyone else

hate ? such a strong feeling … for something so trivial …
if i do not like the direction a software company is taking , then i look for alternative ,
this is 2012 … and there is a lot of alternative out there …
just saying … :slight_smile:


Point taken, but Mud does have a hotbox style navigation, and you can now round robin assets from all of the big three programs, and combustion, well it was great but looking at Nuke now, it kinda fades into obscurity.

P.s, just had a play in MM and boy is it intuitive and fun. Could do with some refining but this now if officially my doodler from now on.


w00t! another convert =)

If you have specific feedback please post it on the meshmixer forum. Easily half of the sculpting capabilities, and things like the Extract tool, were the direct result of people asking for it.


AFAIK, AD havent changed their licences prices in years.


And hate is the feeling you have when you do look for, and do find, an alternative, and then it becomes part of Autodesk. Much of the problem some people have with them is their habit of buying the very thing we chose to use because they didn’t own it. I prefer innovative companies to those with deep pockets, for how little that’s worth.

I can’t personally afford their software, so I don’t use any of them. I’m not knocking their products.


never tried mesh mixer but seemed good on the video. dynamesh is a little bit different but it helped me a lot.

AD cant be creative anymore?


If you have to hate someone, dont you think it’s the one who sells rather than the other way around?


I don’t hate anyone - buyers, sellers or users. I was talking about a feeling. I liked Truespace. I hated the feeling I got when Microsoft bought, and unsurprisingly, killed it. Some people, for some reason, do not like Pixologic. They seemed to “hate” hearing that Pixologic had hired Dr. Petter, as many of those same people had chosen Sculptris specifically as an alternative to Pixologic’s products. I would hate to see a nice free program like meshmixer get swallowed up into an expensive program I could likely no longer use. Maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but people use it that way.

I’d certainly consider buying meshmixer in some affordable stand-alone form though.


I just noticed that the newest video refers to it as Autodesk meshmixer (as does this thread title ;)).

So it’s now their software, but they haven’t given it a page of its own yet… If they do now own it, great that they are still giving it away. I wonder if it will become a commercial product?


The only thing more ludicrous than software/brand loyalty, is blanket dismissal.

Best statement this site’s seen in years. And along those lines:

AD cant be creative anymore?

@regeneration2005: They never were, Regen. When have you seen Autodesk be creative? They aren’t in the creation or creativity industry - they make software. They make tools. When was the last time you saw Makita or Dremel be creative? What about Crafstman or Kobalt? Autodesk is a maker of software tools, not artwork.

Blanket dismissal based on poor logic.


Occasionally hardware companies do come up with new tools, in fact the dremel itself was a creative solution to a problem. Most of the other tools like the hammer have been tried and tested for decades if not centuries. How about the nail gun? That’s a creative solution for when the hammer wasn’t fast enough. It is autodesk’s business to be creative, but not to create art, to create new tools.


It is autodesk’s business to be creative, but not to create art, to create new tools.

No, it’s not. It’s not up to you to define Autodesk’s business, son. It’s not your company.

Go program a new application and start your own company, and then you can dictate such mission statements. Or just stick with Lightwave.


Or just stick with Lightwave


No one forced the Meshmixer creator to sell it to Autodesk.
It is also possible that Autodesk buys help drive people to write nice freeware applications in expectation they will be bought.
If all applications start as freeware and are bought by someone that is okay for industry development. And even for users that get a freeware application at start of development.
Many of developers don’t have and or don’t want commercial acumen to build a business.


Dude take a chill pill, why you gotta be all “he-bitch” all of the sudden?:slight_smile: He HAS a point you know.


talk about contradiction


This thread is amazing, the attitudes and plain craziness in this thread make me ashamed to say I am a cg artist also.


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