Autodesk Maya 2015 and Max 2015 previews


Here it is folks!


Yeah, that’s cool Maya gets Bifrost and Max gets more fucking stereo cameras because we all get asked to make 3D stereo images all day!

Oh, Maya gets Alembic… we get - oh wait - Maya also gets the manipulator planes from 3ds Max… haha! OK we get the hint guys - you only wanna be developing for one platform from now on and that has to be Maya.

Cool - message understood loud and clear!


Looks like a great Maya release!


let me go grab my popcorn and take a seat for the show :slight_smile:


Lots more videos on Youtube.


As a max user I have to say the Maya release looks really good this year.


Fantastic Maya release!

Max… not so much. (except for python support)


Did Maya get the Quad chamfer?


In the modeling video they made mention of a new non-destructive bevel algorithm, so I think so.


As a max user I have to say the Maya release looks really good this year.

maya got some good updates


I am probably the biggest 3ds max fanboy here…

But today I want to switch to Maya. The giant Autodesk just kicked my butt today and told me: “hey stop using 3ds max kid, all the top notch technology is going to maya, that’s what I decided!”

Even all my favorite plugins they are all doing a version for maya too.

Or maybe tomorrow when the dust will settle, I will remmeber tools like RPManager, and the best implementation of VRAY (that seems to be poorer in maya) I will get back to my fist love…

but for the future, it seems the gods have decided that maya will rule them all!


Alias wins, Autodesk looses. Woopy. Finally Max has correct chamfors. I prefer the flexibility of C4d Python integration, but miss Max much.


A good look at the current state of Bifrost here.


Haha! those model improvements in Maya are right from Softimage playbook.

The knife tool , the add edge tool respecting the curvature for example.


Not so bad Maya upgrade, I was excepting a bit more of bifrost, which at its current incarnation just has basic fluid sims, just to get something going there… But then I looked at Max’s new features and- well maybe I just should shut up.

Really folks if you are into vfx, Houdini kicks everyones ass to the moon.


Looks like a grat release to me. Xgen is huge by itself, And I really like the new Shader FX functionality. OpenSubdiv and point caching will make a few GPUs sweat. I have reserved hopes for geodesic Voxel skinning, because I would be surprised if it could handle non-trivial skinning setups where there are multiple joints with different functionalities sitting on top of each other (ie shoulder, wrists ). One of the reasons Maya Mirror Skin Tools fails on common character rigs unless you bother specifying Labels until you have a looong white beard and want to accept the fact that you can only use joints as influence objects. But just like Heatmaps it may give people a good starting point.


Hmm there is a Softimage 2015 version but Autodesk just appear to bury it.


Max future is Bright :wink:


Thats because Softimage future was Bright as well :slight_smile:


Yep agree. Lots of expected and a few unexpected improvements. As a regular ADSK basher, I will call this Maya update a winner.

Safe Harbor statement:
A solid Maya upgrade, as long as features work as advertised and no show stopper bugs appear. I hope that the bar for solid upgrades have been raised permanently starting with this release. Hopefully the full potential of bifrost will be visible as soon as possible and things don’t take so long to develop as with Viewport 2.0