Autodesk: Another subscription price hike coming ?


Yeah that would be a reaction to the downsizing and price hikes…


what people are you referring to here??

Ireland had in practice negative mortgage rates for a time. Guess what happened…

Autodesk wants a current predictable flow of money that is why they prefer subscription. It is in practice forcing a long term contract.
The main reason is because they can predict the future with less difficulty.

The biggest problem for big firms - and their CEO’s CFO- is the grilling they get if their predictions at begin of a fiscal year get completely wrong, their credibility takes a dive in front of shareholders and for some that might mean a firing.

I used to pay around $1200 a year for Maya in the Alise days, so Autodesk HAS saved me money by dropping the subscriptions down.

I think it is difficult to make comparisons since the prices of most software decreased much compared to 10 years ago. Some might have to do with Autodesk but it was a widespread market drive.

Just read this recently: Smoke from $250,000 to $3,495 in 14 years.


After a week I have found some answers for the UK. 3dsMax subscription renewal £360 unitl 25th March 2013, then a massive jump to £495…wow not quite the inflation rise of 3 - 4% ?


Okay - thanks for the info. To me this looks like the thing that has been announced last summer already and which brought me to buy into 3 yrs subscription at reduced price
AFAIK they’ll stop offering those bulk reduced prices for 2 or 3 yrs of subscription too


There were 100% mortgages offered all round. However, only the sub-prime lenders offered negative rates for a very short period. But, the simplification of your statement dosn’t account for the many economic factors coupled with a ‘mafia-government’ state as corrupt as any dating back 30 years.
In fact, it’s the view a child might take.


my subscription renewal for 3dsmax will be based upon what autodesk deliver for 3dsmax 2014 as i’ve be underwhelmed by releases of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013…2014 is a make or break release…either it offers something like the VPR previewer in lightwave or the previewer in Modo or i’m dropping it…iray is rubbish…too slow and lots of stuff simply doesn’t work in iray and it needs a big G/card and it’s still like a dead slug.

you want my money…deliver something cool then. :beer:

ideally i’d a like a previwers as it’s used it lots and it would save massive amounts of time…but i’m open to autodesk delivering ANYTHING that’s super duper cool…bring it on!


Well…i am officially done with upgrading + subscription. I didn’t renew my subscription after 2012 came out and i just inquired to see what it would cost to get my 3ds MAX 2012 license current and back on subscription and it was over 3000 dollars. This is ludicrous to me for being one version back.


it’s almost as though they don’t want people back who dropped subs.
way to go autocash :beer:

i see myself and autodesk as us acting out a scene from fifth element
“zero stones - zero crates”

you’ll get your crates if i get my stones!..are you wondering about the red button on the side?


Yeah, making it more expensive to prevent ppl from cancelling their subscription but what they didnt think of is that now ppl wont buy upgrades neither, so they are actually making things worse… Gotta admire the brains behind these moves :deal:


They really need to fire all their bean counters…or whoever it is that comes up with these genius schemes. I don’t even understand the math at this point…i mean if you added another five hundred bucks or so, which is basically subscription cost for a year, i would be at the price of a full seat of MAX in order to get version 2013 from 2012.

Despite what they may believe…there is not a 3600 dollar bump in value from 2012 to 2013…which is why i didn’t continue subscribing in the first place. I would have considered getting back on subscription if the price was even remotely close to reasonable…but they are way, way off!

I really don’t get it at all! How many others are going to be in the same boat, and are basically being forced to use their current MAX version until Autodesk doesn’t support it, doesn’t value it for upgrade or essentially forces you to buy another seat!

Its infuriating. I’ve used MAX since the beginning. I’ve beta tested, i’ve taught at AU, i’ve written for AUGI, i’m active on forums giving back my knowledge where i can, i’ve had all of my employers buy me full seats of MAX as well as upgrades/subscription…

…in the eyes of the machine…what more does one have to do in order to be treated fairly…

…pay over 3 grand and get back in line it seems!


don’t hold your breath…I don’t think Max will ever have a previewer as fast, efficient, and stable as Modo’s…ever. I suppose owing to the fact that Modo preview was designed to be integrated into the core from the start.


Same boat, here. Not going to be upgrading with this policy…unless they happen to drop the motherload, with FumeFX or PhoenixFD or something, in 2014. This is way too much, with the US economy still in the tank, and users getting less and less. Max is only one of three (A/E products) without a decent VFX toolset native. No smoke, flame, or fluids. You have to drop nearly another $1k for a 3rd party product.

Going to have to make do with Max 2012 for a few years and transition to Lightwave or Blender, unless AD comes to their senses. Not sure who thought this prohibitive policy was a good one, but I bet they’ll get a bitter dose of reality in their quarterly earnings reports, later this year, after Max 2014 sales/upgrades drop way below previous years.


All people wondering how AD comes to the conclusion that increasing subscription and upgrade costs is a good thing, simply should go to Autodesk’s investor relation page and listen to one of their last podcasts they do each time after they made there financial results for their quarter public…

The questions (from the press and shareholders) all go about the topic, what will be done to milk the customers. Carl Bass is exactly alligned with that thinking. No talk about real world future developments or product directions except “cloud bubble” talk and a lot of marketing/political bullshitting.
In their logic it’s quite easy: we did’nt meet our insane high goal of 9% growth? Well - let’s fire 7% of our workforce, force everyone into suites and subscription and increase prices then…


I am quite curious to see what will be in store for users of the 2014 products.


Oh the irony
Carl Bass TED talk


Over the years, the different 3d apps seem to have become more similar. (I don’t know for sure because I’ve never tried others). Is 3DSMax actually worth the extra cost?

It’s wrong to expect a PLC to produce anything other than the bare minimum product for the maximum return (however compelling their spokes/sales people make the product sound). In fact it’s the duty of Directors to maximise returns, minimise expenditure and risk.

I stayed with Max all these years because other software options always seemed to be much of a muchness generally - some stronger in some areas and equally weaker in others. Cheaper software was always seriously lacking in important areas. Perhaps the distinction is not so clear now? A few years back, I was talking to a guy who works from home on a wide range of projects using Cinema4D. He baulked at the price I was paying for 3DSMax Subscription - and back then I actually thought it was a reasonable price. Then Autodesk put the price up by, what I felt, was an unjustifiable amount. I stayed on subscription because I didn’t have time to explore other options and I figured I might regret leaving if the renovation (Excalibur?) bared fruit. Now I’m seriously being tested by this even bigger price increase!

I’m pretty sure that right now I would be much better off using something like Modo - but it’s so hard to predict the future and changing could prove very costly.

Maybe the best option would be for Blender to be crowd funded on subscription and managed for the sake of improving rather than profit - but I believe this idealism wouldn’t last. At some point down the line someone would decide to sell out or funding will gradually fill the pockets of the few and development will come to a trickle.



i added modo 601 last year as an alternative…i also have lw10 currently toom i’ve not upgraded that to 11.5 as i’ll see what happens with 3dsmax 2014 and also see what this new auto-rigger for modo will be like once it starts to ship, i have no intention of wholesale dumping 3dsmax, i’ll use it for modelling even if i stick with an older version…but there are alternatives out there and i simply LOVE the previewers in both lightwave and modo…they’re a HUGE indespensable production asset tool i won’t give up.

i see my future with 3dsmax ONLY if they get with the program and deliver tools as good as the cheaper alternatives, i like working in 3dsmax but i’ll jump if i have too…it’s really not on if they don’t pull their socks up.

i have 3 good alternatives, 2 of which i already use to some degree


if i had to write an end of term report for 3d software

3dsmax - has become lazy, but has performed well in the past, needs to re capture it’s mojo and go on a diet.
modo - very promisiing, not top performer yet but one to keep an eye on
lightwave - has been struggling the last few years but has really knuckled down in the last 2 years and i see a good future for it if it continues to learn/grow.
blender it’s very cool exchange student, really bright but just needs to learn our language better to integrate in class more.


I definitely think this is a huge thing for a lot of individuals(not to mention studios) When one has been using a particular software for 10 odd years it can seem like a huge gamble jumping ship, leaving the cosy familiarity of your UI/toolset and investing time, money and self-learning into another piece of software. And although the learning curve wouldn’t be too steep the second time round it’s the initial clumsy ‘but Max does this or that way better’ adaption of a somewhat alien interface. I’ve never used Maya but have been soooo close many times over the years to learn it but never took the plunge.
I have used Modo for one project I did and found it to be extremely robust all-round with just a few workflow niggles regarding Modo’s pivot point system. and obviously(at the time of use there was no animation capabilities at all- which looks quite promising now) I really love using Max, warts and all, but it can seem so outdated sometimes when second-gen 3D software like Modo keeps upping the ante. Whilst Modo devs push forward and hang on the end-user feedback, Max devs implement frustrating workflow-impediments like caddies…but I won’t go into all that here…:wink:

I think this would be a bad idea as we all know what can happen when a beautiful paradigm becomes tarnished when the money’s on the table!!

And I’m sure Blender will become more and more appealing to Adesk hostages if the pricing plan craziness wields that blade any closer to loyal, long-term customers’ throats…


I had an eye on Blender over the years…taking a keen interest for the last 3. It has grown up a lot. I’ve been devoting time to learning it so that i have another tool to lean on. Hell…in some respects it can do things that MAX can’t.

I really love MAX…i just wish they would make it easier to…maintain the relationship! :wink:


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