Autodesk annouces Mudbox 2010


I thought the inclusion of smiley made it clear it was a tongue in cheek joke but I guess not.


So, you’re not able to import blendshapes stored in a FXB file ?

Yes if you have blendshapes on your mesh in Maya then import that saved mesh as FBX ,Mudbox 2010 will convert each blendshape into a 3d Sculpt Layer. And If you have a mesh in Mudbox with Sculpt layers then export as FBX that file will load into Maya and have a blend shape node with all the Sculpt Layer deltas as blendshape sliders.

So Sculpt Layer to Blendshape and back.

Nice for sculpting blendshape targets and saves you a bit of time on setup. Of course you can expand any of this using the SDK.


That is a nice feature, I knew I wasn’t talking rubbish when I said FBX would be good for the interchange format. I guess this will work with any application with a decent FBX import/export then?

Nice for sculpting blendshape targets and saves you a bit of time on setup. Of course you can expand any of this using the SDK.

Will the SDK documentation be uploaded soon? I am curious what the SDK is like.


Remember one very important thing…these plugins are free. Use them or not, its up to you and to be frank it makes not a jot of difference to me either way if you do or dont as neither will stop further developement.

Its a safe bet the version you use when you have a copy of mudbox 2010 in your hands will have stuff in these videos do not show.



The plugins support mac version as well right?

From the videos they look great, glad to see mudbox get this functionality sooner rather than later.


Will the SDK documentation be uploaded soon? I am curious what the SDK is like.

Yea very very soon it will be live. Check back next week.


I know you were joking Sheep
i just meant be nice to our “English”??:eek:
Speaking Cousins from
across the pond.



By the time you have mudbox 2010 in your hands, yes they will. (Even though I dont own a Mac.)



Will “Mudwalker” be available when Mudbox 2010 ships or later? I’m excited to have the ability to work with image planes in Mudbox. Yea, finally!


Great work Wayne! You and autodesk are truely turning Mudbox into my fav app! Hands down some of the best and cleanest tool development I’ve seen for sometime.

  1. Some questions re MudWalker, when you’re importing the model into say Maya, is it coming in with the shader thats setup in Mud, or is it just creating say a lambert and applying a diffuse texture?

  2. Does Mudwalker handle displacements?

Spinmaster? = 360 turntables? Hope so :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ve managed to fill the gaps with all the problems Mud had with taking your model beyond design phase. Just need a MR render in there now lol.


Its ready now, already compiled etc so soonas mud is in your hands, so will MudWalker and ReLight.

Well the SDK allows user to take control of the features they want to add to mudbox. As I’m a ‘lone gunman’ I dont have release schdules or shareholders to keep happy. so I can add stuff at my own pace. :slight_smile:

1 the Mudbox shader that you set up is transferred and translated so that it looks the same.

2 - A request from one of my beta testers at pixar has asked fr just that… so its being worked on although there is an easy work around that I’lll outline after release. :wink:
(Mainly as adding this means I’ll have to rewrite the entire baking side for disp maps…)

Yes… turntables…but this is aiming for what I call ‘Turntables …PLUS’. There’s one kink left to sort then it’ll be ready for release. Although I may put a quick and dirty version out to tide peole over while I add the bells and whistles.



is this going to work with mudbox 2009? we just got max 2010 like two weeks ago and we’re still not using it so who knows when/if we’ll get mudbox 2010 where i work!


Plugins made using the sdk wont work for 2009 as there was no sdk support in that build. Hence there was no way to make MudWalker or ReLight backwards compatible.



After seeing mudbox to Headus UV Layout and Topogun; As farfetched as it seems maybe one day we will get mudbox to zbrush and vice-versa.


I could implement that inside of 24 hours using existing classes and functions I’ve written…but I wont. (Mainly as it’d be the quickest way to make both companies a wee bit angry and I value what’s left of my career lol :slight_smile: )




I love you Wayne…in a Martin Luther King way. :applause:


I’m glad you added the last part…of my wife would get worried lol.



Nice one Wayne.

Any reason no 64bit offering for the Mac platform? I was really looking forward to chucking heaps of ram at mud for a change :sad:

Mud will be released before 10.6 is out.So I guess a change of heart for AD is not in the cards either.


Nice! But I was hoping for topology tools.


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