Autobot, Tamás Tóthfalussy (3D)


Title: Autobot
Name: Tamás Tóthfalussy
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I’ve planned some time ago to create a transformer, and now the movie gave me a huge inspiration to do it. I used one of my finished car models for the car form, a 1975 Corvette Stingray. (

Soon there will be a transform animation too.

Comments and crits are welcome!


This is great woek man, the models looks so top notch. Transformer is very nicely combine with the car. Well done man, can’t wait to see the animation


Wow, great! :applause:

Looks like a little bit aliasing in there, especially on car. This is the only critique I can say. Waiting for the animation.:thumbsup:


Looks terrific. I’d love to do one as well, but right now it’s still a bit technical…looking forward to the animation.


modeling looks nice, show more, wires and screns for max, 4 stars


HO MAN! this is exactly what I wanted to do : a transformer from an old corvette! and red too. And since you did a really good job, I don’t really feel like it anymore. I already had a corvette model (1973). The one in my portfolio is cartoony but in order to make I modeled it realistically first.
Anyway, I give you 5 stars because I’ve always wanted to see a muscle car transformer


Sweet job, cool stuff! Love the detail you put into it. The lighting is good as well, red was a nice choice for the color. :thumbsup:


Awesome modelling, so detailed. I wish I have your skill. I love transformer too, it’s one of my favorite movie.


So, it realy do transforming? Or just standing like that?


Wonderful work !!


simply amazing models and the renders are beuatiful! 5 stars man. super stuff.


nice work dude! awesome modelling… :thumbsup:


thats amazing … great work ! :scream:


Very well done! I dig it. Great car choice as well


It’s a kickass model, Im very jealous. :thumbsup:

but… his hands look disproportionately small. Its not just me either, I had a few friends take a look aswell to make sure I wasnt imagining things.


That is so cool! can it transform? I mean have you made a movie of it?


Great work, I’m looking forward to the animation!

Gratulálok, még sok ilyet!:applause:


My thing to machine is to understand very, but mean support, the shape is very cool.


Thanks for the nice comments people!
The transform animation will be finished soon, I hope you’ll like it too.

Szergely - Igyekszem… :slight_smile:

mrkrzysiek - I attached 2 wires.


Wow, I like this model it is so hard to create all that details and animate it, fantastic.:thumbsup: